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I know its very long and you don’t have time to read this stupidity of mine but kya karu sir, bahot din se mann me tha..but bolne me hesitation horaha tha. But ab apne chance diya hai to give feedback, I took it and I wrote. Sorry sir. Everyone says that I am not a very quick learner. But you did not make me realize that in your class. You taught so nicely and calmly explained us till we understand thoroughly. Each n every day you motivated us in one or other way..thats why i did not want to miss your class a single day…and came to lakdikapul 2days in evening and in lakdikapul evening class i learnt about DREAM…the thought of dream was never analysed by anybody like this before. Thankfully I did not miss that class. But unfortunately i could not attend starting 3 classes and had to miss last few classes due to some issues. Apart from FR, what all made me wonder is your love for country, your passion towards study, your dedication for teaching… And one more thing which made me feel very very bahot jyada attractive is your English communication is little different from others..but still you have achieved a great share of market, loads n loads of love from student…huge blessings and popularity. It is a very big motivation for me sir as I cannot speak English confidently. You made my fear gone. Its YOU who made us think that ques n syllabus too have emotions and sir it happened. Really when i started thinking the emotions of the subject, i learnt things. I can solve the ques easily with that feeling. Your sentences like I am great…cj sir is great…reminded me of drishyam film…its moral is that when we think we are the best, we become best…we become whatever we think. I saw a live example of that in you sir. Your nalayak word has such a joyful emotion sir…it made us feel apnapan… and as i am also a marwari, i enjoyed your slang very falana falana,..matha phodo..etc. I just joined your class by knowing that you teach conceptually very good..and the surname..Jain…as i always go for marwari n jain teachers. But Sir i learnt so so so many things here and got heart touching moments. Am very lucky to have this subject in your class as we started to understand your emotions, we started understanding the subject. Its really amazing and so kind of you that you told us to revise everyday. In today’s world nobody cares this much. Each b every day you motivated us in one or other way. That’s why i did not want to moss your class a single day. and came to lakdikapul 2days in evng. I very much wish ,if I earn, I should earn like you. Values, Love and Respect 1st, Money is the by-Product of it.

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