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Face to Face Classes: 9652229994 Pen Drive Classes: 8766246684 Virtual Classes: 6300580059

Sir Literally tears are coming from my eyes. We miss you sir. Ur not only a teacher to us. You’re a elder brother to us. Truly am saying sir your unselfish, Non commercial and your YouTube uploads very helpful not only to your students, it will help to poor students who can’t afford to buy. Every time you are thinking about students. I can’t define your greatness in words sir. I will show my gratitude by scoring BEST MARKS In Exam. This is not a over confidence sir this am telling because am CJ sir student. Whenever I lose confidence. I will show your pic on material for regain confidence. Means you are my guru ji. Am just TOUCHING UR FEET SIR FOR BLESSINGS. THANK YOU SIR. Proud to be a student of CJ sir.

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