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We miss you ...Infact I want to tell/ share with you a lot.
Target : Acquiring knowledge as you have in FR
Merely thanking you is not enough....
I'm not good in Hindi ( speaking) but I can read and write as it was my second language in my college days.
But I really missed " nalayak" used to tell during classes.
My wife who is a doctor know Hindi and some other languages as well. I asked her the meaning of the word...:blush:
Spent 108 great days with you.
Hope, more to come.


Sir you knowledge really hats off. Because of CAs like you our profession will survive. I have seen 90% of people do work on Ind AS but they apply only AS.

I'm Chandana from Bangalore(Recorded batch)
Today I completed my FR classes,
Sorry Sir I was not able to text u as and wen u asked us to reply on watsapp as I was already late to start ur classes and I really wanted to complete classes asap.
Ur messages at the end of classes wer so motivating for me to continue my lectures everyday and this made me to be consistent on my classes and practice also.
And ur teaching technique on flow of concepts is the best. Ur insight on CA as career is so inspiring!

You have been a teacher to me in all these fantastic Years, You have generously and graciously touched my heart in so many different ways and I am thankful to you. I get FR Classes at free of cost from Navker Digital Institute due to Single parents. You always believe that I can succeed and that every one of my dreams is achievable. Thank you for your faith in me.Wishing you great days of prosperity and good health.

Good afternoon sir, I'm attending your recorded classes and I completed 82 classes sir. You told us to solve Question 51 of Consolidated financial statements and to tell our opinion about the classes, this message is with that respect.
I'm happy to say that I was able to solve the problem correctly in 27 minutes and because of that my confidence also boosted a bit. Sir your classes have been really interesting, you're creating new perspectives, broadening my horizon and the way I think about the subject. Not just the subject sir, the gyaan you give at the end of each class are very very valuable to me, it feels as though you're aware of my fears and you help me to over come each of them every day, you boost my confidence sir. Thank you so much sir, I need your blessings.

Good evening Sir, This is Sivavarshini from coimbatore I have almost completed 100 classes Sir. I don't think I would have loved FR this much if I saw someone else's classes. Though I'm a recorded class student your classes have kept me engaging throughout 100 classes. If it isn't for you I might be still doing Rectification without even knowing it, thinking conceptually has become true because of you. I often think how could one person make Nalayak students understand big concepts very well even in recorded class.
Thank you soo much for being such a great faculty :heart: I often find myself laughing at your jokes and answering to you as if you're teaching to me individually. Nothing but heartful thanks and happiness from me to you :sparkles::heart:

Good evening sir.I am Nivetha Kannan from Coimbatore.Am Watching FinanciaI Instruments now.Am totally enjoying your classes.Those small message makes my day.As a CA student we will face lots of challenges.We may be self motivated but but not all the time,during the times we are down, Your small message after the class keeps us motivated to Go ahead.So grateful for choosing ur classes Sir.Thank You So much. Wishing you and your family good health and happiness.

Really blessed to have a faculty like you sir .
Those who teaches us in depth, by taking time and let us know where we are standing at present with out any hesitation and Negative impact on us .
Looking forward for some more subject classes (SFM to be precise) from you in future sir.

Thank you :heart:. Lots of love and strength to you sir 🥰

Hiii sir Good evening. Soumya Shree I felt happy to say that Your way of teaching is very easily understandable and U gave simple examples it helps me to remembering all the concepts and your teaching is helpful not only for examination point of u but also conceptually understanding .U gave message in daily class those were very inspirational thanks a lot sir.

Good afternoon sir.  Lavanya Sir i have been listening f0r classes through pen drive mode .up to now i got completed with  IND as 20 .as per the daily basis after listening the classes i dealt with the problems in question bank sir. When ever i find the doubt as i used to ask in telegram group and u had clarified it sir. After listening the classes and solving the questions literally I'm getting conceptual clarity and gaining the confidence levels towards the subject sir. Thank you so much sir for making me confident regarding fr. once after the coaching i will practice it more and more with this clarity sir. Whenever I'm in lacking confidence previously regarding my attempt which is very nearer to me and that time you have given a valuable suggestion with respect to time allocation of coaching. thank you so much sir. as per your words only i have been scheduled the classes. during the period of coaching only I'm thorough with the subject sir.

Hello Sir, I'm Sumukh from Bangalore. I had been your student since IPCC in yeshas academy, Bangalore. Currently I have taken FR Google drive classes of yours for my November 2022 attempt. (I never thought about any other faculty except yours when I had to take FR for CA final). I would like to share that the classes have been come out really well and it's been very effective teaching from you. All the resources required for exam preparations have been provided by yourself through PDF and as well the hard copies of material. Very helpful to study Sir. Analysis of the problems and the conceptual understanding has been leveled up for me by your teaching.  Some of the concepts were made so easy that I don't even need second time revision for that. Thank you so much for guiding us in this path. Appreciate all your efforts that you pour towards the students daily.

Hi sir.  Naman Begur here. Extremely delighted to share with you that I have completed 97th class today! It has been such a wonderful journey learning from you.  With all the motivation you give it really helps us push ourselves. Thank you for caring for us  Stepping into our shoes and thinking in our perspective and asking us so many questions that puzzles our mind  You are indeed the Best teacher! You show us what it means to give 100%  You are our live example and I am extremely proud to be your student And I am definitely sure I will make you Proud Thank you very much sir once again for everything  I am looking forward to meet you  With my CA prefix  Very soon

Wish you the Best life with all success and happiness  May you reach billion more students and get to experience what a wonderful man you are  This relationship has been built in a one way conversation but it feels like you are our friend who is there to understand us  This is incredible how you can do that! I’m really extremely happy today to have experienced your classes  It has been the best few months of my life.  I will study extremely hard and AIM to score Centum I will make you proud  Thank you Thank you so much once again  Love you Sir.

Sir My Self Veerendra  today I'll understand the Right Shares Conceptually, Great Teaching sir in Ipcc frankly I am saying that, only I'll read the formula and Solving the problems that's all. I don't know what is meant by pre rights , Theoretical ex-right at that time. Now i understood conceptually...  So i never ever forgot this now. Thank you sir.

Hii sir my self Naveen Kumar  Today I completed your recorded classes applicable for may 22 exams. Really they are very nice sir explanation of each concept by taking examples is very good because u theoretical & practical at same time so that even sometimes I didn't understand your class then with your example doubt will be clarrified. I am really thankful to you sir. Simply books & classes were amazing.

Hello Chiranjeev Jain Sir, Good evening I am Lalitha, Today I have strongly decided to Message you and I hope it would reach you. I really, I mean FRANKLY AND TRULY SPEAKING the way you are TEACHING IS REALLY APPRECIABLE sir. Actually, today I have completed listening to Lecture regarding IND AS-33, Earning Per Share and in that session the way explained about Theoretical Ex-right fair value of shares was up to the mark. Really I didn’t understand the concept behind this, in CA-Inter, as you said we have just done rectification I think. Also u have taken practical situation of concept introduced by Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji with respect to special purpose vehicle concept and that one was truly understandable. And I am really happy today I have gain knowledge with conceptual understanding. And unhappy for one thing that I couldn’t directly meet you sir and hope that day will come and chance to meet you sir. Thank you so much Sir for providing UP TO THE MARK LEVEL OF KNOWLEDGE to your students SIR and I am really glad.

Hello sir. This is Mahak one of your students.  I've completed my 97th lecture today and I must say your teaching is very nice. I understood all the concepts and  now I'm able to relate it to my work also. Thank you so much for making the concepts so easily understandable.  Also the ind as saaransh book is very nicely drafted and so easy made that it is very interesting to read n understand! Thank you sir.

Hi sir, My self  Veerendra Today is my 82nd Class. Your Explanation about " In CA-IPCC Payment of Liquidation expense" we adjust with Good will, how it will increase Goodwill.? It's a Bakwas Journal entry  Really wonderful Explanation sir ji   while doing ipcc I never Get this doubt  sir told that adjust with Goodwill  we do adjustment . that's all. sir really your standard of teaching is Very High and Fabulous. Thank you so much sir   Now I am Learning the Financial Reporting Subject Conceptually with High Knowledge. only because of you sir . But There was a little bit of fear going on sir because lack of revision of the subject . Once again . Thank you so much sir.

Sir, my self Ajin K P  i have completed all the lectures.  I understood all the concepts very well. I am very lucky to have found such a fantastic teacher like you.

Sir, I m Shilpa Lawrence. I have completed my 83 lectures. I am so happy to have chosen you for my CA Final FR paper. The way you explain each point is so helpful. Now I am able to think and understand each concept instead of memorizing  the rules. Thank you so much sir. I will definitely make you proud with my results.

Good Morning Sir  I am Amith Gupta thank you so much for such a conceptual teaching and it’s impact on me. I was kinda scared to get a grip on the subject at first and now I am on the 30% of classes ,I am not only feeling confident but I find it interesting This wouldn’t happen because of you sir. Thanks again.

Good evening sir My Self G Dhanalakshmi. I am very happy with your lectures. I learn topics conceptually. one of my friend suggest your classes. I should thanks to each and every lecture and For Ur motivation also it's so boost up me Thank you so much sir.

Good evening Sir, My name is T. Manideep. I have completed all the classes of FR sir , every class is awesome sir, got a full clarity of every chapter with conceptual understanding, I loved your classes a lot and because of your teaching sir I even loved the FR subject too. Even though these are virtual classes but I never felt like I was listening to virtual classes i.e. Because of your smile and your interaction in the class made all the classes beautiful,lovely and full of excitement sir and I always felt like that you are explaining the every concept face to face only sir, you made all these classes a face to face classes only and more interesting too. The way u teach classes and concept is wonderful sir. Even u also solve the Questions with us sir even this is awesome sir. Even the messages u give at the end of each class is awesome and very much motivating sir. Now it is my responsibility to give my best in exam Sir, and I am sure that I will Definitely get good marks In my FR exam sir , Once again tq so much sir , Even I want to meet u after completing CA and I want to take a big hug and blessings from you sir, I am eagerly waiting for this day to come in my life as early as possible sir and I will definitely do that much of hardwork to fulfill this wish also sir.  U are an God's gift and God Father of FR to CA students like us sir. "The journey of learning FR is wonderful, beautiful and lovely with CA Chiranjeev Jain Sir.

Good Morning Sir My Self  Yaswanth. I have completed our 97th FR class just now. I have really enjoyed your entire classes. You are really making us(CA students) to actual Chartered accountants. I am very well blessed by becoming your student.

Hello sir. My Self Pankajakshan.  This is my first time studying under your teaching. My friends recommended your class and one of them already passed the exam successfully in july 2021 by scoring an exemption in your subject. I purchased your recorded classes few days ago and currently in Ind AS 40. I am really enjoying your teaching. Its like getting down in a student's shoes, who doesn't know anything. You're explaining the concepts so well that anyone can understand. Most importantly, i fell in love with your book. The colour format and a very simplified way of notes really attracts me towards FR to study more and more. I just started off your classes few days ago and i hope i can gain a lot of knowledge by investing time in your classes. You told me to send what i feel about your class, while teaching Ind AS 40. I am really happy that i purchased your classes. Thank you very much sir.

My Self Sree Ramya. I admire what you do. Too many people think that teaching is an easy profession because teachers make it look easy! Your contribution in our lives are unforgettable. Simply you are an amazing sir  Mainly you mostly solve our doubts without asking us.

Good Morning sir I m Sheshadri Srinivas . Chiranjeev sir you're without doubt most caring faculty of this country. No other faculty provides this kind of help in terms of latest materials, summary notes and revision lectures all for free. And you're personally available for solving doubts all the time. Big fan sir.

Hello sir this is Keerthana from Coimbatore. The classes are so good sir I am getting all my doubt were getting clear in it .  I am getting a very conceptually understanding of every chapters sir's great to connect with you in whats app sir.

Good evening sir. My Self Sree Lakshmi. Your way of teaching is so special sir at first i had fear of IND As after listening to your classes i understood IND as very well . Even after completing classes u take of each and every doubt and you will respond to every  messsage and doubt we ask for . We need teachers like you in this present online mode classes . With lots of gratitude Thanks for teaching me so well.

Good evening sir. My self Amreen. Firstly, it was a very confusing task to choose a faculty but after watching many demos etc.  Finally, I took my FR classes from you which I'm very glad about. The classes are very easy to understand. Before taking your classes I used to think that IND AS is very complex based on what people said but you make it very simple and your examples are very clear to understand the concept. The level of enthusiasm which I had in my first classes of yours is still the same now.  I completed around 80 classes, touchwood. Just like it's hard for us students to adjust in this recorded classes, I understand that you might also had your own  difficulty in recording it. Overall, FR Classes of yours have been an Investment which will definitely give a higher return and I hope I get a 90+ in FR too  Thank you for all your efforts sir.

Good  Evening Sir, Harichandra. Firstly Thank you so much for sharing your exceptional Knowledge with Thousands of Students. The conceptual clarity  along with the examples are Extraordinary sir. Apart from the classes you are also providing us opportunity to clear our doubts through Telegram . which is really appreciable sir . & the messages at the end of each class are awesome . Once again Thank you so much for your constant support & motivation. Very much satisfied with your classes sir , if there are any ways to listen classes with consistency please share with us .which will be very helpful to all of us sir. Thank you sir.

Sir, Manisha here. Whether u take 3 hours class Or 5 hours class, the amount of interest and involvement we have remains same throughout the class due to your logical reasoning and motivational words and jokes. It makes me think the concept with broad mind and I realize how much I should level up to actually come up with such a logic and connection of dots. So aap jaisa padatehe waisa padayiye sir. Just aap jitna knowledge de saktehe dijiye.. Because what we learned from you remains with us at every step and some of us haven't had good basics in the subject and we actually feel confident when we can give better explanation than our friends, an actual explanation and reasoning like a CA and not as a CA aspirant. I practically l try to apply your method of leaning that is with logic and derivations and connection of one concept to other in every subject and it has developed my understanding really well. Thank you so much for all the efforts you put in for sir. Will always like to be your student.

Hi sir I'm Sree Lalitha your pen drive student, going to finish FR classes, The first thing I felt was Y I could not find your classes during CA- Inter, feeling lucky at least as I got opportunity in CA- Final, understood all concepts very well, Hope will write exams good in May with your blessings

Sir, My Self  Mohan  your classes really helpful for understanding the concepts very well The amount of effort you took to make understand us the concept is commendable Thank you so much for your efforts In return I will ensure that i will score more than 75+ marks in FR in my may 2022 exams sir.

Good evening sir  I am Ganesh.  your Google Drive Student for CA Final FR sir Today I completed my classes sir. I am really thankful to you. The way you taught is Highly conceptual and also built a confidence in us. You are great sir. Once again thank you so much sir for making a difference in our lives.

Good evening sir My Self Priyanka. Today I have completed 70th lecture sir I'm really blessed to be your student sir,my concept are good I will be try to be more conceptual at the time of preparation sir and thank you for making a big concept  in to small concept so that we could learn carefully  Thank you sir.

Sir, i  m Harichandana Ramisetty. I listed  12 classes till now. the way you are teaching is really awesome sir. Sir even though i have taken  recorded classes i always felt that it was a live class because of the questions you are asking & the time you are giving to answer the questions. The conceptual clarity you are giving to us is exceptional sir. I'm very Thankful to you sir. Thank you so much sir.

Hello Sir My Self Srieesha. I hope you are doing great I just want to thank you again  I have actually completed your classes (google drive) by Aug 1st week. And then got occupied with other subjects. I have started FR revision and the YouTube revision classes are really helpful. Just a glimpse of the entire standard, making it easy for me to revise. I am pretty sure, if it wasn't your revision classes now... i would have invested lots of time to recollect things.Thanks a ton CJ sir.

Good Morning Sir I am Mahalakshmi Without this summary. IND AS 24 would have been mere a theory chapter which every student would have skipped for sure! you covered this by this extra efforts sir! I literally do not know who in the world would do these efforts for making the students to understand each and every clause of the definition sir! Many faculties would have asked students to read those definitions by ourselves sir. you took this for an hour sir. Beautifully beautiful sir! IF RTP's clauses are in the minds of students then it is because of you for and on behalf of all students Thank you so much sir!

I am Mahalakshmi from Chennai sir and completely enjoy your classes sir and learning sir! I am glad that I registered with you for the classes of FR! And moreover as a special mention to be said...specifically the recent topics that you are covering. the efforts that you make to make us confident and comfortable is highly awesome sir!  I just wanted to special mention the IND AS which were extremely superior because of extra examples outside the book that you took in the class. 1.IND AS 12 was Super Awesome. 2 .IND AS -110 very nice it was. 3.And specially all important concepts like IND AS 102/109/32 was extremely superb sir . And one more point to be said is even when you are doing these sums for the night time .not getting fed up and even now each time when you writing you generally refer to the Balance sheet and PL mostly in full form only sir specially in CFS sir. You do not use abbreviations sir. even we are while attending classes sometime tend to use abbreviations to cope up with the speed of the classes. But.every human would definitely loose patience when the get used to these accounting terms and start using abbreviations sir. However even for the" n" th time. you use full form only sir.that is great sir. just purely classic! In the intention behind it being. may be we also do the same on exams If we get used to these abbreviations of Balance sheet  while in class. just purely amazing sir!  Thank you so much for such superb classes sir. thank you so much sir!

I am Priya, watching your pen drive classes sir. Class is just amazing more and more conceptual, your words are motivating me on daily basis. I m not skipping any of your single word because don't want to miss your precious words. Ur effort is also chance less towards students. Even I have time constraints I love watching your classes I m pretty much sure this will definitely place me in a better position. I am so blessed to have u in my carrier. Thank u so much sir.

Greetings of the day sir. My self Lakshmi Narasimha. I am very glad to take FR classes from you sir The concept in every chapter that u taught us is very explanative. One of the best choice for FR is 'CHIRANJEEV JAIN' sir. The way you taught us is useful to us not only for passing in the exam but also in practical life. I will make ensure that keeping in mind all the points and prepare for FR. Thank u so much sir.

I am Varun. I have started listening the classes 20 days back and completed 18 lectures and from these i can tell that the level of conceptual clarity you are giving is awesome . I am very eager to listen to the next classes. It changed my view towards F.R.

Hi sir I m Chandnath Reddy. Recently I started my FR coaching. The way u teaches concepts with crystal clear explanation was very helpful in understanding the subject especially in revising. I am glad that to be your student and one thing I really like is, Clearing doubts in very less time and especially in last 2 minutes of lecture that small quotes that made very huge impact the way I am approaches my studies and never felt that I am in virtual classes u are always with us in class. Thank u so much for everything CJ sir.

Sir, I am Mihir Khatri, exam oriented revision batch student from Ahmedabad. I would like to thanks for your lectures you delivered at very nominal cost . It is very helpful for me to revise entire FR in very less time with concept clarity and in less time with solving questions also. It really boost my confidence after getting negative result in July exam. Once again thank you sir for your great support in this subject. I almost complete my FR revision with your saaransh book. It is really sanjeevni for students like us.

Hello sir. I am Sai Ganesh Just now completed Fr classes Sir. I has been emotional lively journey , Every time I have started watching class I have always felt it is live offline class and we are having a one to one interaction. Super teaching Sir Understood each and every concept you explained. A lots of respect to you sir for making me conceptually confident in FR Yes sir now it my turn to work hard and revise to make my parents as well you mg Guru proud and happy Will definitely meet you with a prefix CA to my name sir in Hyderabad.

Sir, Good afternoon. This is Charan. Just now I gone through the IND as 102. Such a wonderful , excellent teaching I never gone through in my life . OMG when u are telling about the no one can motivate u ,u only motivate u r self .it is like gush booms coming ,when I'm hearing the class .like whenever u will watch the movie na .like a mind blowing dialogue like that. No words sir about u teaching sir ,Hope as long as you are in accounting field .the god also won't win upon you sir. It came from my heart sir.

My name is Soumya Chaukimath. I am your CA final pen drive student from Karnataka. Finished all your lectures yesterday. The conceptual clarity I gained from you is indescribable. Thank you so much for making me fall in love with FR. Hope will make you proud by gaining exemption in your subject.

Hi Sir. I am Saniya Mary Stanly. Just now I completed the 70th Class. To be frank, I completely skipped my CFS in CA Inter. But your classes are so interesting to learn that I started falling in love with CFS and even started to practice questions on my own. Feel so content when the CBS is tallied No one can match your teaching Sir. Totally understood the concepts taught till now.

Hello sir I m Lalitha Ratna. Good after noon sir. It is really nice interacting with you like this on this social media platform sir. Really enjoying your FR classes sir. Especially INDAs Saaransh book is so good that it grabs reader's interest. Thank you so much for providing us such ease way of learning sir.

I am Rajesh. Listening to your classes like seeing Accounting in a different way Got an opportunity to learn new terms and techniques.

I am Saiteja Addagada. It's amazing to learn from you sir And the way u teach is like that every student after u r classes feel like yeh dil maange more in subject

I'm Srinadh Chavidisetty. So happy for taking your class. Your classes are really understandable in easy way. Thank you very much sir.

I m Manisha Reddy. We are able to gain confidence that we can for sure score good marks in FR subject I can see all your effort to make us understand every single point sir. Thank u so much for so much effort from your side sir.

Hello sir. I am Cherry Mishra. Your classes are literally the best Sir. You don't skip even the minutest point, and give examples for everything, which I like the most. Saraansh is very helpful, the notes are compiled in the most effective manner, it couldn't have been better And then again, the question bank sums it all, plenty of questions on every topic. Personally, I find your coaching to be the best till date.

Hello sir, I am Gnanadeep Vardhan. Sir really enjoying your classes my parents even told me to take classes from you for the other papers too. But I had to tell them regretfully that u only deal on FR. But I am learning accounting really well now thanks to your classes. Until now I never even got the doubt of why closing stock although being an asset was disclosed in trading account. But u not only created that doubt in my mind but also clarified it. After listening to your classes i feel that there is more to learn in accounts then it actually looks like. Thank u sir.

Hi sir Kolluri Venkata Suresh. Happy teachers day sir. we are very Lucky to have a teacher like you. At first my favorite subject was Tax and after taking your classes. it changed to FR just because of you. No matter how many marks I get. FR IS MY FAV SUBJECT AND YOU ARE MY FAV TEACHER.

Sir, I'm Mahesh very happy with your class. None of the other faculty could give conceptual clarity like you. The way your teaching with the lots of example and also with the motivation it's very much needed for all the students. Thank you so much sir,

Good morning CJ sir. I am Sindhuja, Hope so that you are fine. First of all Happy Teachers day to you sir our Passion towards teaching and your Patience in teaching us the subject FR conceptually. will definitely make us Worthy Chartered Accountants. You explain every single point like as if you don't want miss small logic also .without any hesitation. Asking questions & making us to think is the best part I truly enjoyed (even in virtual class).You explain the background and depth of the concept and then dive into the problem which makes us to apply the concept easily In CA Inter I haven't learned "Consolidation chapter" but here in your class I used to practice one sum for each lecture that made this chapter very interesting for me Thank you sir for making this FR classes interesting with your amazing teaching skills .I may not score 90+,But I'm sure I'll give my 100% for getting 90+, and I believe that this is the best guru dakshina a CA student can give to CA teacher.

I m CA Ajay from Hyderabad. Happiest teachers day to the best faulty of my CA course. I still remember the day when you came to my school and spoke in front of us Then the CA Induction program in yeshas. Then my CPT n in IPCC the extra efforts which you kept and believe which u kept Then during the final the way we use to speak after classes. You always believed in me sir even when I didn't have that believe for self . Thank you so much sir for everything. Keep blessing.

Good Morning Sir. I m Kavya Wishing you a Happy Teachers day Sir. Last year I had taken your pen drive classes for FR and gave my 1st attempt in July 2021. I thoroughly enjoyed learning FR which many of them reviewed that FR is huge and difficult. Also your revision classes were really helpful. I could write my 1st Paper confidently due to the conceptual knowledge which you taught us and which was psychologically necessary for subsequent exams. On this day, I would like to express my gratitude for your great teaching and making the subject interesting for us. No doubt you are our IND AS Guru where your teaching was helpful during my Article ship as well. Thank you so much Sir. Looking forward to meet you in person after becoming a successful CA.

Hello sir I m Meher Palakurti Hope you are safe Sir. At last Finally Knowledge journey of 97 classes of FR by Independence day is completed with Inspiring, Committed CJ Sir. Now Preparation Journey needs to be started Thanks to be part of my Knowledge journey.

Hello sir, I m Anirudh Bharadwaj absolutely loved the classes sir, very clear and concise And it brought back the memories of the actual classes and made me remember something about all subjects sir Understand their emotions You make me think like the books are our friends and are talking to us about all the concepts Very unique approach sir, absolutely loved it.

Hi sir, I m Sankalp Jain I just started with your FR classes. And I’m really enjoying it, you teach in such plain simple language that we can easily understand and remember. And your notes also very simple and precise. The way you have utilized technology is just amazing, your class notes pdf is really helpful. Very excited to learn from you. Thanks a lot.

Hello sir I m Kutala Mahendra Really blessed to have a faculty like you sir . Those who teaches us in depth, by taking time and let us know where we are standing at present with out any hesitation and Negative impact on us .Looking forward for some more subject classes (SFM to be precise) from you in future sir. Thank you . Lots of love and strength to you sir.

Hi Sir, I m Swami Narayana Rao As of now I have completed 68 classes. I can say that every class is interesting like a movie. It's a blockbuster Web series with 97 episodes (classes). Also, I am able to maintain consistency in listening classes because of the interest created by you in classes. Love you Sir.

Hello sir I m Balachandra Actual fact is that one best thing that have done so far is that taking subscription of your Classes. Thank you very much being best guide sir. not only in studying but also i learnt how to behave in class even though I have taken Google drive classes.

Sir I am Srinivasulu Kasaram. I am your pen drive student and I am so happy and excited to share my visiting card with you. Thank you so much for your way of teaching. It building confidence towards the subject with good conceptual clarity. Thanks a lot sir.

Hello sir I m Gangadhar I am reading the concepts from your book and doing Study material sums and really I could solve all of the questions. Though I could not solve I can at least relate the concepts to it. Regretting for not using it earlier. Thank you so much sir.

Hi Sir, I m suheb I have purchased ur FR Colour summary book in Feb 2021. To be frank I have not used it coz I felt study material is gud for concepts. But due to time constraint I took ur book frm past 2 days to prepare for FR exam. Really I felt very much satisfied. The content is very much sufficient and it has what is needed.

Hi Sir, I am Shanmathi M From Chennai I have purchased your FR Colour summary book in Feb 2021. To be frank I have not used it coz I felt study material is gud for concepts. But due to time constraint I took your book from past 2 days to prepare for FR exam. Really I felt very much satisfied. The content is very much sufficient and it has what is needed. I am reading the concepts from your book and doing Study material sums and really I could solve all of the questions. Though I could not solve I can at least relate the concepts to it. Regretting for not using it earlier. Thank you so much sir.

Hi sir. I'm your student pruthvi , I have taken Pen drive classes. Today I completed FR classes. This is the best accounting class I have ever taken. Thank you for this wonderful experience sir. I'm too happy because I have chosen the Best

Good evening sir, I m Ashwin pathak Today I completed all lectures. I got goose bumps when I started last lecture. I felt connected with you from day 1 and it was an emotional moment for me. Some teachers are blessed with teaching skills, and they know how to approach the listeners and some teachers have exceptional academic knowledge. But only few guru's like you can blend both and deliver.From lecture 1, I admired your knowledge, but the way you explained all those concepts were exceptional. The combination of Ind AS SAARANSH book and question bank(where you covered ICAI study material question, MTP, RTP, past exam questions, few questions from international books and even more) provides a perfect balance between learning concepts and practice questions on those concepts. It's tough to record and deliver online lectures, but you handled all those technologies very well. You were at ease. You made a positive impact on me. Confidence level has increased. Surely gonna miss those little pep talks of you. May all your wishes come true and continue providing your valuable services. Namaste

Sir I m Ganesh Elikatla today only I finished my coaching of fr from your Google drive classes I'm extremely satisfied with this subject sir I have small small doubts But that will not be a big deal I will start preparation today upto Dec daily 1 hour minimum I'm really want to say thanks to you sir I taken sfm fr scmpe and audit and I felt this fr has created a impact something like which we can't express Sir you the best.

Hi Sir, myself Akash agarwal few months back took your FR classes Sir, Now I am watching your revision classes and it is really helping me a lot to recollect all regular classes lecturers. And when I am watching revision class I am not feeling that me watching revision classes because for me its like watching regular classes only in the form of revision classes. Thank you so much Sir ji. Revision classes is really helping me a lot Thank you for all your hard work that you always show on students It's being a grateful to have such a mentor and motivator in my life

Hello sir, I m Anwar hope You are doing good. Just now I've finished 97th Lecture. I feel blessed by being your student and I'm telling this from the bottom of my heart. At last it has become an emotional journey. I would surely call u as I finish my 1st revision. Kindly bless me. Thank-you so much for everything.

Hello sir this is Ajay your pen drive student. I have completed 40 lectures till now, I love the way you teaches And more importantly your explanation regarding concept is unmatchable sir. I don't know what other student think but as per me you are the only faculty who give importance to each and every student's doubt. I feel great to say that I am CJ sir student.

Good evening Sir. I m Priyanka Modi Completed 97 classes of FR with the same spirit as in Lecture 1 just because your way of teaching. You're literally IND AS GURU and . THE BEST FACULTY FOR FR. The way you explain the concepts relating them to the practical scenario is just awesome. Hats off to your efforts Now it's time for us to put our efforts Eagerly waiting to meet you as a CA.

Hi Sir. I m Saniya Just completed my 40th lecture. Lecture 39 and 40 was the most interesting lectures so far. Even my SFM faculty hasn't taught these concepts so deeply. You went a step a head sir. Now I am in love with Ram and Sita.

Hi Sir I am Sireeisha Hope you are doing good. I have actually started CA final again, after a break of 3 years. I have completed my MBA and worked for one of the Big4 and quit my job to study again. I was completely unaware about the teachings for CA final sine last 3 years. But for FR it was about you, i heard it from my peers and i bought them. I wasn't initially sure as i started studying after a gap of 3 years. But i must tell this, the way you teach has created such an interest to learn and understand things the way they are, the concepts. I wasn't deviated or bored in any of the lecture neither forward them too. Thank you so much for all your efforts to teach us. I was wondering, where would i be if i have not taken up for your classes. You are just amazing Sir I hope to meet you once

Sir, I am Gaurav Jain I’m writing this to you second time but cannot help it! I’m viewing your lectures back to back and trust me I haven’t got bored! Though the chapters are on the heavier side after 40th one but I’m able to digest them thoroughly! And yes, you’ve made us do all the questions also! Financial instruments less than 10 questions Is left to be done by you! Can revise it in 2 full days I assume! Thank you sir You really are a blessing in disguise.

Good afternoon sir, I am manasa I would like to share my opinion Now I have done with 70th lecture, I'm getting full clarity, more than what I've expected, but I couldn't reach your speed cause of lack of revision. If would I have followed your Instructions by solving Home Work solutions and regular revision I would have get percentage. Thank you so much sir

Good Evening sir, I am Vigneshvaran I have completed the 42nd class. I love the way you teach sir. You are covering all the concepts in depth so that your students can be sound in practical knowledge too. Though financial instruments is a big chapter and takes time to digest, i am able to understand it clearly. Thank you sir.

Hi Sir I am Bhushan I am really happy that I chose your class for FR, during Ind AS 102 lecture today, I got a doubt and you solved it then and there . Thank you so much sir I loved the teaching style very much sir! You are a great motivation for me ! I aim to get above 90 and get your aashivad.

Hi sir I m Abhay Raj Kumar Just finished 70th lecture stupendous teaching along with well drafted Ind AS Book. the way you teach makes every 1 to learn more n more .The efforts you are putting for a student stays at high level .Glad to share to others that I'm student of CJ SIR

Hello sir I m Surya Kamal Just now i had completed total 97 lectures the josh you filled in me is very helpful. Definitely I will meet you after the wonder full words CA added prefix to my name. Really you are FR Guru ji. No one can beat you sir in FR except your students. I am eagerly waiting to meet you. Thank you Sir.

Hello sir I am Ashwin Pathak, I have completed lecture no. 70. Its 2AM, still your lecture was attentive (no sleepiness). The way you explained accounting of dividend received, correlating Ind AS 27, Ind AS 109 and AS 13 proves that your teaching is way more than just marks in exam. The breaking of CFS chapter into small concepts and you explaining each concept combined with practical problems makes CFS look easy and understandable. Thank you.

My self ahil uday The most common notion everyone had about CA Final was the fact that FR is a very complex paper with vast and time consuming syllabus. CJ sir proved me wrong. Thank you so much sir for making FR easy and fun! The conceptual clarity I got from his classes were immense. His question bank and summary book was very helpful. To all those who are viewing this message, I wish to endorse his classes if you wish to gain good conceptual knowledge about FR and get good marks. Happy learning!

Hi sir, I m Gopal Hope you fine I have completed 97 classes of FR. High level of conceptual clarify I got with the way of your teaching I'm really happy with your great teaching and motivational quotes I have never heard the subject in this way Thankyou sir.

Good morning Sir I have recently completed your Google drive FR classes (I was your CPT student at Bangalore ) It's been a great privilege to take FR under Chiranjeev Sir The Live examples to which you relate FR concepts helps us to remember things Sir you impart in depth knowledge about FR to your students , very Conceptual !Thank you so much Chiranjeev Sir Also Note to Technical Team Technical team is also very coordinating . I think once I called Rushi Sir at 8 30 in the night ..Although it was off business hours , he helped me immediately in downloading lectures !

Hello sir , I m Sudheer Immidisetty Hope you are fine and doing well. I had completed 97 lectures of FR. The way you teaching the classes is really helpful for me to be conceptually strong. The way questioning in the classes , even though it is not a face to face class, it will lead to frame an answer and can verify whether concept is understanding or not. The way you explaining , never felt like it was online classes. As you promised on first day promised that your teaching will add value to me , its really happened right now. The material provided by you was really useful . IND AS SARAANSH book with flow charts will be helpful in quick revision. Finally big thanks for selecting ENGLISH LANGUAGE as a medium for explaining lectures. Will meet you soon as CA

Hello sir, I m Naman Begur Happy Evening! I’m on 33rd class and it’s absolutely amazing to be able to learn from you. The entire dynamics of learning FR has changed for me because of the highly relatable examples you give And it’s really wonderful that your so honest while teaching and tell us what we should know even if we don’t want to hear it. It actually doesn’t feel like I’m learning from a screen because you speak in such a dialogue which keeps us interactive. Blessed to learn from you and looking forward for a lot of amazing classes ahead.

Good morning sir I m Sankalp jain I must say, I am engaged in some listed companies, in which Ind AS is applicable. Sir has also helped me to sort the practical doubts too. And your class his fully related to practical situations each and every concept. I think in India you are the only faculty who knows the FR. And this is very true 10% of CAs only know the Ind AS even out of the 10%, 1% has very good knowledge of Ind AS, and I think sir is in 1%.

Good morning sir I m Chaitanya The classes are being imparted to us in an understandable manner along with conceptual clarity and the your way of teaching is extraordinary sir you way of teaching made us fascinated to the subject In one line we are receiving the best.

I m Anwar Hussain Classes are very good sir after listening I feel like it is opportunity to score good marks in FR because all problems are already covered in class So while doing revision I need not worry too much for preparation so that i can concentrate more on subjects which I feel difficult.

Hi sir I m Shreya Sethuraman. The way you take classes are very unique. I have never skipped a day without seeing you classes. Thanks for giving me a conceptual clarity and clarifying all my doubts immediately.

It is really awesome sir. I am enjoying your classes very well. In fact your teaching skill perfectly matching with my learning skill. Regards Arjun.

Good morning sir, I m pavan kapoor Request you to please read this message to the fully.I had just completed with your FR classes, from my very start i.e. CPT I have been your student I still remember the day when I joined your classes in CPT I was like least interested student that is with a question why I joined this course could try to do some easy course. But after listening to your 1st accounts class had a turnaround to start listening to the classes, as by just listening to the waves of the ocean (CA) I was not knowing that the ocean is so deep and interesting. I take a bow that you had a substantial involvement in my CA career as I had been tought by you at all my CA levels. I was evolved from a non learner to a keen conceptual clarity seeker. Now just onto my fire feet to accomplish my goal. Thank you to the most amazing sir CJ sir (Concept Baba).

Dear Chiranjeev Jain sir, I m Abhay raj Good evening. Hope you and your family are doing good. Kindly take 2 minutes to read my feedback regarding your FR pen drive classes for CA Final. I respect your selfless efforts in making FR so easy for the CA students' community. Your dedication was very evident. The confidence you pass on to a student is immense. This love is from Kerala and I am going to write my CA Final this coming November.

Hello sir I m Naman. A journey of 30 classes have been amazing. You’re motivation levels and energy is just enchanting. Your confidence is so powerful even in the middle of the nights it keeps me going! Thank you so much for all that you do. Please know it matters to us, sitting on the other side of a laptop screen it still feels like we are communicating with you. Feel blessed to learn from you. And yes I will be the Best Chartered Accountant Thanks for everything Fee l blessed to learn from you. And yes I will be the Best Chartered Accountant Thanks for everything

Hi sir. I m Bala Chandra. How are you..hope you are doing well. Sir, I was about to finish my lectures sir .some 4 lectures are pending sir. I loved your conceptual teaching sir. as u said no one there like you who taught conceptually it is really true sir. U r teaching not only use full for exams but also useful after CA practically. i think so. The way your raising doubts in between the classes it actually taught us how student should actually think conceptually. And ask doubts. Hat's off sir I actually understand now only the concept behind the bonus and right shares concepts in Ind as 33_EPS. Really loved it sir. Thanks for being my lecturer for my future path.

Good morning Sir I'm Sowmya Your classes were so knowledge gaining Sir Your way of teaching and the motivations at the end of class everything is superb, awesome and wonderful Sir I had faced lot of issues in getting your classes of new version due to which bit disappointed at that time, but after listening to your classes everything vanished and felt happy and lucky to be your student While listening your classes I got to know my knowledge levels, I mean where I am and how much efforts to be made by me to score 93+ marks and to stand as a best CA in the economy Thanks a lot for your efforts for us Sir.

Dear Sir, This is Abhilash. One of your CA final student. I really loved your classes and learnt the whole subject with conceptual clarity. I can say from the bottom of my heart that, u r the best teacher in India. Having faith on your classes, i have bought CA inter classes for my sis from from top yug sir. She is really enjoying the classes. At least once in a day she says, "u have suggested me the best classes bro". Thanks and regards, G. Abhilash

Very Happy Morning sir, my self Thota eswar I have purchased your Google Drive classes sir, Just Completed the classes till Financial Instruments chapter. The way you teach the subject from the Scratch to In-depth Knowledge of the subject is just mesmerizing. I never felt that i would enjoy FR Classes in such a way as i am enjoying now. You are one of the rare faculty who teaches the subject not only from Exam Point of View but also Career Related. and the way you interact with students (Incl GD0/PD students) is all way together for your greatness sir Will meet you soon as CA sir. Lots of Love and Respect for you sir, Thank you for your beautiful Lectures of FR sir.

Hello sir, I am Seetaram kodamasimham. I am taking the recorded classes of you Now I completed 28 lectures till today The way of your teaching style is giving more clarity on every concept While you are giving more explanation too, more doubts will arise and that doubts also will be clarified by the end of class. Thank you so much sir.

Hi sir, I am Thirumalai soundarya. You had asked us to text you after today's class just like that. I have opted for pen drive classes. I am truly enjoying the classes very much sir, you make it so interesting and I am able to understand the concepts well ,which is in turn giving me confidence. Thank you sir You are amazing sir , truly!

Sir today I have completed FR classes Sir. It's really a very nice journey of 97 classes Sir. Because of this COVID we could not attend your face to face classes Sir. But your classes are very much interactive. Iam also waiting to see you seen Sir with prefix as CA before my name soon.

I m Sai Kiran from Hyderabad Generally faculties will not reply properly even though it is subject related (some people sir) . they will say am busy with classes . (I didn't comment on anyone sir) but I think your also too busy with classes sir. because almost more than half day your are busy with students for Fr related doubts. I know sir But the way u are reacting to words students even small issues and personal texts. it's amazing sir. Ur the real student friendly teacher .I did not see teacher like u in my CA circulam . Hats off to u sir U gave reply for my text which is almost 1.5 m back text. Tq

Good afternoon Sir. I am Sai Satish I am listening to your recorded classes from last 2 months. My feedback regarding your classes is that sir I like very much your way of teaching and how you explain each and every concept very clearly. I am happy to share that I have taken right choice for FR Classes by choosing your classes.

Hi sir! I m Mohana Krishnan. I feel so happy to watch classes sir. I feel I getting conceptual knowledge very clearly! Now I Completed till borrowing costs I mean I completed 16 classes I got your FR video classes sir Thanks so much sir You teaching us like CA foundation students not like CA final student. I mean you teach From basics sir. it really helping to get concept very clearly.

I m Anirudh Bharadwaj. Yeah sir, absolutely loved the classes sir, very clear and concise And it brought back the memories of the actual classes and made me remember something about all subjects sir Understand their emotions You make me think like the books are our friends and are talking to us about all the concepts Very unique approach sir, absolutely loved it

Hii sir I am vaishnavi watching your Google drive classes which are really amazing and given hope to Crack ca final. It's great opportunity going through your classes. Your daily quotations are like boosters. Sir few days back I had started watching your lectures which boosts me that surely i will score more than 70. Really your concept clarifications are very high which u start a concept from basic to high level it helps us not to lose any concept even in any point. I am very happy and feeling lucky to hear your classes

Hi sir, I just started with your FR classes. And I’m really enjoying it, you teach in such plain simple language that we can easily understand and remember. And your notes also very simple and precise. The way you have utilized technology is just amazing, your class notes pdf is really helpful. Very excited to learn from you. Thanks a lot.

Good Morning sir I m Kutala mahendra. Really blessed to have a faculty like you sir . Those who teaches us in depth, by taking time and let us know where we are standing at present with out any hesitation and Negative impact on us . Looking forward for some more subject classes (SFM to be precise) from you in future sir. Thank you Lots of love and strength to you sir

Hello sir. I m Komal Sigchi. I am your student since CPT. While deciding a faculty for CA Final for FR I undoubtedly considered u. I have taken your regular lectures last yr in Aug, however due to hectic schedule I couldn't revise with classes. My attempt is due in Nov this yr. I have purchased your revision lectures and now before revising each chapter I am watching those lectures. They are of great help sir. A big thank u for this initiative as it helps us build confidence while preparations and learn each topic with logic and also makes d subject easy and interesting. Please keep continuing these revision lectures.

Hi sir I m Kaliprasad Kandukuri Happy marriage anniversary sir I hope you are fine I have started your classes recently and I have completed 30 lectures. I'm absolutely loving the way you are teaching and the way you are motivating . My love towards accounts subject is even more increased after taking your classes Thank you sir

Hi Sir, I m Swami Narayana Rao. As of now I have completed 68 classes. I can say that every class is interesting like a movie. It's a blockbuster Web series with 97 episodes (classes). Also, I am able to maintain consistency in listening classes because of the interest created by you in classes. Love you Sir

I m Lahari ambati Truly said sir.Really the IND AS GURU name is very much apt for u sir .Seriously u are the LEGEND FOR FR .sir.

I m Nikheel Vaikule For me also same feeling sir Just now I completed 87th class I'm not getting any bore with your explanation sir I wish CA students could have a lecturers like you for all subjects, I think ICAI should consult you for your advices for correcting few wrong solution given by them in Ind AS 103 , best faculty in india, true Ind As Guru for a reason.

Hi sir I m Anwar from Bangalore Even though u have taught without students i didn't feel that u r teaching virtually I can feel your involvement and i am also getting involved without feeling it is virtual classes And the level of your teaching your passion is amazing sir.

Hi sir. I'm your student Pruthvi I have taken Pen drive classes. Today I completed FR classes. This is the best accounting class I have ever taken. Thank you for this wonderful experience sir. I'm too happy because I have chosen the Best.

Hi Sir, I am Shanmathi from Chennai I have purchased your FR Colour summary book in Feb 2021. To be frank I have not used it coz I felt study material is good for concepts. But due to time constraint I took your book from past 2 days to prepare for FR exam. Really I felt very much satisfied. The content is very much sufficient and it has what is needed. I am reading the concepts from your book and doing Study material sums and really I could solve all of the questions. Though I could not solve I can at least relate the concepts to it. Regretting for not using it earlier. Thank you so much sir.

I am Nikheel Vaikule Just now I completed FR classes sir thank you for your motivation, you made our life easier filled confidence in our Life .best teacher even in my life soon we will meet sir, Fr means Cj sir Cj sir means FR Thank you sir.

Sir I am Srinivasulu Kasaram. I am your pen drive student and I am so happy and excited to share my visiting card with you. Thank you so much for your way of teaching. It building confidence towards the subject with good conceptual clarity Thanks a lot sir.

Dear Sir, I'm a student from Chennai, Tamil Nadu and I am taking your FR Pen drive Classes and as of now I completed more than 60% syllabus and regularly I am doing revision of old topics. I am 100% Confident about the completed topics that you are teaching every thing conceptually and I really felt that I am learning from the right person in right manner. Now there is no need for me to bye hard the things and I can retain everything conceptually. Thanks you so much for taking such care about your students that no faculty in India will teach like this. Thank you so much once again sir!

Hello sir. May 1st onwards I have started your google drive classes and since 20 days I was listening continuously and I have come know all the new concepts. Many other friends of mine tried to mislead me by saying that prefer other facilities" but I didn't listen to them as I know how you teach, not like other faculties who just explain what and how but your specialty is you even cover "WHY" which makes you unique and since CPT your my teacher I know your teaching style. Sir there is a saying that Rolls Royce has 2 seats and a bus has 50 seats because it's lonely at the TOP. Am so proud to have u as my teacher.

Hi sir, my name is Arjun. I'm from Kerala. I just wanted to say u a big thank you. Whenever I got a doubt I use to listen Ur YouTube lectures. And with that I could clear every single doubt. You make students understand the concept and not just be hurry with the portions. Thank you sir. Thank you very much. Actually I bought other faculty pen drive classes. But whenever I get doubt on his concepts I use to watch your video lectures on YouTube. May be I bought the pen drive without analyzing.

Sir you are teaching great. I love watching your lecture and now I can say to my friends that I am learning something fantastic. My senior's suggested to join Topyug classes because you and Gautam sir are teaching. And they also said to trust you blindly. My all friends joined Topyug only. Thank you so much sir.

Good afternoon sir, I am Disha Sanghvi, your student from Topyug. Sir you have been very helpful to us, you have made our concepts strong and day by day I feel my accounts is improving because of you. Thank you sir for being this helpful.

Good morning sir , I am Namit Jain from your accountancy foundation batch. I am finding your classes excellent and It's making my accounts knowledge more accurate. Sir I am from Haryana and actually I might not get to know about your classes Topyug educations if my paternal uncle 'Sunny Jain' was not there to guide me about you. Thank you sir for this excellent coaching.

Hi sir. This is Vinuthna. Recently I have taken your classes through Pen drive. I am fully satisfied with your classes sir. Thank you very much for giving so much knowledge to all the students sir. After taking your classes I realized how much rattafication I have done in CACPT and IPCC. Thank you for your teaching and valuable suggestions sir. Actually I'm staying in Dubai so I taken coaching through Pen drive. Thank you sir for providing services through pen drive mode.

Good afternoon sir. I am Vaishali. I have completed classes today. I really thank u sir for teaching each and every topic conceptually and I realized that first time I learnt accounts conceptually with out any rattafication, and It was my correct decision to get coaching from u sir. Thank u once again sir.

Hi sir, I am Kypa Gowtham. I think there are no certain word to describe my thoughts I got a different perspective regarding to FR from you sir. Apart from the subject, I can say I have learnt the dedication and respect that I should pay towards my duties i.e., studies from you I just wanted to give a situation. Even though the total India is in lockdown, I have completed the classes in time. This happened only because of CJ sir. You dedication towards you work to complete the classes in time is remarkable. Thank you soo much sir. Hope I'll become a CA in my very first attempt with all your blessings and looking forward to meet you.

Hello sir, Finally done with the classes it was a great experience Learning the subject from you with so much conceptual clarity and understanding, Your way of teaching is so good and Your saying of daily one hour is revision was so helpful and I was able to complete the concepts daily which gave me a confidence over the subject . And lastly I want to thank you for all your efforts.

Good noon sir. I have completed my FR classes few weeks ago. When I'm revising those topics now I'm able to revise very quick without any hassles. Thanks a lot for your concept based coaching sir. You're the one who answers "why" for everything you teach. I'm surprised to see that you're asking students continuously whether they understood or not. I wish I was in your face to face class. Thank you so much for everything sir. To be frank, first I've got suggestions from my seniors to go for some other faculty, instead I chose CJ. And that's the best part of decision I'd made. You made such a vast subject very easy to understand and revise and reproduce conceptually. Thank you so very much Sir.

Hi sir. Good evening. Hope you are doing good sir. I have just completed the classes. I just want to convey that the classes were very good with full of conceptual clarity. I took a correct decision to take classes from you sir. Thank you for explaining the concepts very well. I have a confidence that I can give my best in FR. Thank you very much sir.

I wanted to share an incident with you sir. In 1st 5 days of the class you asked me to provide me my visiting card. In that 5 days I built up my confidence that no I will not give my sir a draft card, I will give my sir my final visiting card. That fire was always till I cleared sir, this also played a role in making me a CA. Thank u so much.

Thanks a lot sir. I can’t forget your way of teaching. I still remember the day before FR exam I called you. You gave me so much confidence , which helped me to score exemption in FR and also to qualify in 1st attempt. Once again thank you so much sir.

Hello sir. Hope you are good Sir. I was always confused in accounts and never got satisfied solutions but in your class my all doubt clear and also I enjoy too much.

Sir awesome teaching. I liked the way you teach. Completed 4 classes till now of Financial Instruments and believe me I didn't understand this chapter from any other teacher. I took classes from Delhi Faculty sir but was not satisfied, I got video of another sir from YouTube but it was also not up to the mark. Thank you sir.

Happy morning Sir. Ur IPCC & final student from Bangalore. Finally I've completed vast subject video lectures. So Happy also to take classes from You. Enjoyed completing FR . Thank you so much for motivating us in each & every video. Not only for studies but also for life motivation. Gained logical based study & not just rattafication. Your method of teaching & study tips for preparation for exams is awesome Sir. I'm so lucky to be your student for both level I'm sure that I'll be Exceptional CA like YOU! Then I'll be meeting u with sweets. Once again Thank you Sir.

Hello sir, I'm half way through your class, I completed 45th class, in this class there is a question related to PL appropriation in business combination and I didn't answer correctly, it's a CPT question and very basic question but even then I'm unable to answer, and realizing the fact that I'm not conceptually strong is very painful because I was good student my entire life and you really make us questions and we all dream big companies and I'm trying to read everything by using common sense and not just mugging up for the sake of exams, you challenge our basics and change our way of approach towards learning, I really wish I should go back to IPCC and take your class, really your way of teaching is the best and you are IND AS guru. Thank you sir for teaching in best way possible and making us to use common sense.

I'm heartily satisfied with your classes. So amazing classes. It's worthful and thank you so much for such a deep teaching without skipping any topic. We are final student then also we don't know much of the basic things. You made us to realize that. I completed all class videos. Now I'm starting 1st time revision sir. If I get any doubts I will message you sir. I'm doing articleship in mid-firm but now I got confidence to give interview in big companies. Thank you so much for your efforts. I will really inform you after my results sir. Once again thank you CJ sir.

Hello Sir. This is Bhavya Chirag Shah, your PD student sir. I would like to inform you that I have completed your classes sir. Thank you so so much sir for teaching us in the most beautiful manner. I was a rattafication student all this while , but your conceptual teaching made this vast subject easy. My confidence level is at the highest at the moment sir. I wish you continue to inspire other students the way you did to me and others! Though I didn't meet you anytime , I m Definitely waiting for the day when I will become a CA and meet you. I will miss those " Ohhh, Acha, Yeh baat " and "Nalayak". Need your blessings sir for the future. Once again, Thank you for the in depth knowledge sir .

Good afternoon sir. I have recently taken virtual classes of FR subject from you. I have completed around 25 classes. During this classes you have changed the way of my approach towards subject and due to this change I had inculcated more interest on the subject. I truly feel your "Ind AS ke guru". On this auspicious day I touch your feet and would say thank you for making me prepared conceptually strong on subject and for every motivation given by you in the class. I hope you shower your blessings and pave us the right path in our journey. Happy guru poornima.

Sir, I have taken FR Google drive classes and I have completed 40 classes now. I truly feel I have made a right choice. I could feel the difference in me from Day 1 to now. Your way of teaching where you give importance to concepts and materials which contains questions even if ICAI is not having any questions, both helps a lot. With conceptual clarity you give us, I am confident now that I will ace the exams. Seeking your blessing on this auspicious day. I also wish many more get GURU like you. Happy Guru Poornima sir.

Good morning sir. This is Dimple Agarwal from Topyug Educations CA foundation Nov 2020 batch, sir I want to say you that now I am finding accounts more interesting just because you sir. There is a lot of difference between you and other accounts teachers sir thanks a lot for providing such a great way of learning accounts. Sir in yesterday exam I Just referred ur notes which u give in ac class n wrote test after test when I checked my answers I was very happy because all were correct .all credit goes to u sir In my 12th I didn't understand NPO conceptually but now you are teaching in such a way I just can't express sir Thanks a lot sir Please make us expert's like u sir. am proud to be your students I can finally say I am having best accounting mentor - indian accounting standards as guru

You are the energy booster, motivation master Sir. No matter how much ever tired of the office work, it feels enthusiastic when I start watching your classes. thank you very much. You resolve all the doubts even before asking.. that's amazing. I wish I could be in your face to face classes. And I referred your classes to my friends and even they have already purchased your pen drive classes. Once again thank you very much Sir.

Hello sir, I have taken your classes in the form of google drive. Till now I completed up to IND AS 20. First of all, thank you so much for teaching so well Seniors had given me a really bad impression about FR. But you proved it wrong! I love the subject All because of your way of teaching! Thank you so much sir

Hello sir, I am the student of your FR pen drive classes, I was always not that good with standards and was not able to connect with practical implementation, now after listening to your classes it has just become easier for me to relate practically as well as the conceptual knowledge you give us is highly commendable . Very much helpful not only from exam point of view , later after exams as well very helpful. Very grateful for having you as my guru. Thanking you once again for the way of your teaching, which creates the interest in the subject.

Hello sir, Today I have completed your FR classes. So I would like to thank you for taking classes in interesting way and in conceptual way. I can openly say in the public that Chiranjeevi Jain sir is the best FR teacher and his classes are best FR classes. The only regret I had is that, I should have joined your face to face classes rather than taking pen drive classes, apart from that I am totally satisfied with your classes. Hope you take SFM classes In the near future also and definitely u will be known has best SFM teacher also. Once again I would like to thank you sir and definitely I will meet you after I qualified has CA. Till than have a wonderful and great day's sir.

Good morning Sir, today I completed with My FR classes. Really enjoyed a lot, learned a lot, just missing your face to face classes sir. Am really confident of getting 90 + in FR. Since Cpt I was your student and it continued till final and forever too. I will be missing that words "Bye bye we will meet tomorrow till then take care and enjoy your remaining day". #chiruguru. And even a special thanks to all the support team for the classes recording and helping us in installing it.

Good Evening Sir, As today I have completed my classes I am very much privileged and proud to say that I have taken classes from “Ind As Guru”. The way u taught us conceptual learning may last forever and to specially mention the way u stand by us during lock down period speaks more about your commitment and responsibility to your students even though situations were not under your control. Thank You Sir for everything. Now and ever always your Nalayak Vidyaarthi

Hello sir! I'm taking your Pen Drive classes sir. You made me fell in love with FR sir. The financial instruments chapter classes were so entertaining sir. The way you teach is so fine sir. The concepts both from professional POV as well as exam POV is also so good sir. Currently doing consolidation sir, which I'm enjoying thoroughly sir. Thank you sir!

Hi sir, I have completed my classes today. Thanks a lot for teaching us conceptually where in you're clearing each and every concept and providing in-depth information about it and also giving examples and solving problems for each situation. It was really wonderful learning from you and it has increased my confidence in FR. I can proudly say that it was my best decision taking the FR classes from you sir. Will miss all the fun you used to do during the classes and the only regret is of not able to attend your face to face classes. Thanks a lot once again sir!! Looking forward to meet you sometime in future. Lots of love.

Hello sir. I am Taruni, one of your Topyug's student. Thank you so much sir for such insightful accounting classes. You teach in an exceptionally simple and easy manner. Hope to score good marks now. Thank you once again sir.

Good Evening Sir, This is Akruthi Loya. I have just Completed FR Classes.. Truly the Best decision of taking Classes from you CJ Sir. Being your student since start of my CA life i.e. CPT then IPCC and Now CA Final. #Chiranjeevian As you say, You are the BEST Faculty. And Indeed yes you are. And yes will miss your words. At the start of Class "Very Good Morning Everyone". And at end of class "Thank You So Much for joining today. We will meet tomorrow Till then Bye-Bye take care and enjoy your remaining day". Thank You CJ Sir for being the Best Tutor And providing Guidance.

Hi sir, I have completed listening to classes, it was really conceptual and full packed knowledge. Now while I am preparing for it's really amazing with your notes and concepts to complete the chapters very faster than my friends and with conceptual knowledge. It was one the correct decision of mine to opt "CJ Sir" Classes. Thank you so much sir for such empowering the CA's with knowledge.

Sir I have taken FR Pen drive classes from you And I completed my classes by today. I got so much inspired by your classes sir. Thank you for your way of teaching sir. I'll gonna miss your teaching from today.

Hi sir. Just now finished FR classes and I want to say just one thing first time in my life I was emotional after completing my classes as I was going to miss your lessons and the confidence you give to us, though I have taken Pen drive classes I feel like it as face to face classes. Thank you Very much sir.

Namaste sir. I am a student from Tamil Nadu hailing from small town where there are no facilities for coaching or upgradation of CA course, 2 students once in 3 to 4 years qualify CA from this district but now I feel I get the BEST GUIDANCE AND MUCH REQUIRED SUPPORT amidst this pandemic sir. Your revision lectures, test plan, expected questions, sir it is a STEP THAT I AM GETTING TO CLIMB THE LADDER As a student, to my capacity, our entire family and myself render our sincere prayers for your success in upcoming endeavors as our token of return sir. Thanks and regards CA Final student.

Sir, I am from Nepal. I have been taking your revision classes from YouTube. I had decided for self study for CA final but was lost in FR's voluminous course, then I found your channel in YouTube. Your videos were really helping me. And today you uploaded 21 revision videos covering 90% course. Sir with all my heart I would like to thank you. You are great sir.

Hi Sir, I have completed your classes, very much satisfied with your concept driven lectures will be so much useful. I am a qualified ACCA yet I had some lack of understanding on few concepts, your explanations made me understand the underlying reasons to do so. Thank You Sir. Wish to see you taking SFM classes too.

Hi sir, I am Pushyami, one of your students I completed your regular classes and now I am studying from the revision lectures I would like to thank you for all the effort you have to put to bring us all the conceptual clarity Thank you very very much sir.

Hi sir, Good afternoon. I have recently completed your FR Pen drive classes. I liked the way of teaching & explaining each and every concept easily in a conceptual manner. The best thing in that is teaching from student's point of view & you only creating doubts on behalf of students and made students to think in a conceptual manner is very good. Thanks for providing and sharing such a valuable knowledge with us.

I am your Pen drive student for CA final FR sir. Today I have completed my classes sir. Really it is very very nice sir and also we miss those words "Good morning every one, how r you all". The way u taught is highly conceptual and also u built a confidence in us sir really it is very good sir. Thank You sir.

Hi Sir, You are Really Ind AS Guru. PUC Accountancy Subject brought in me a dream of CA. And at CA-Final level learning FR from you making this dream come true very near. You made Accounting more curious, conceptual, logical and easier You fulfilled my hunger for knowledge. I know words are not enough to describe my gratitude to Guru.

मेने आपको साष्टांग प्रणाम करता हू| गुरु देवो नमः|

I Love to meet you in person soon.

Good afternoon sir.. This is Charani. I actually took FR from another faculty, but I didn't have concept clarity. So I took your consolidation and business combination classes. All I can say is the way you teach and the efforts you keep to make us understand is amazing sir! Thanks a lot.

Hi Sir, Sanveer Singh this side, I'm CA final student from Amritsar, Punjab. I've done self study for all the subjects of CA Final and I passed group 2 in my first attempt and Nov- 20 is my first attempt for Group 1. I just studied from SM, but in the last week, I watched your revisionary lectures uploaded on YouTube. This was really a different experience, 7 days before I was very afraid of FR exam, but you made it so easy in just few days. Today, when I saw the question paper, I thanked you from my heart. Most of the questions were below the level you took in your classes, it looked very easy to me, such that it is really very simple. Thank you so much sir for everything. I want to meet you in person 1 day. If you come to Amritsar any day, do remember me. Thank you so much again sir. Great respect for you. You are really a gem teacher. One more thing, if I score exemption in FR (for which I'm 90% sure), that will only because of you sir.

Dear sir. I am your pen drive classes student. I don't know where to begin to thank you for what you are doing. I have completed your classes, I am not even exaggerating a little bit sir. But I am feeling super satisfied after your classes. I have never ever felt this way anytime before with any other class. Be it at school or college. You are that one dream faculty of every single CA aspirant. That one faculty who we've been yearning for ages to teach us from the roots, to teach us what is it and why are we doing it, to teach us what is the purpose of doing what we do. Sir, you made us think, you created doubts, you made us realize our self worth, you made us to rethink our beliefs abt the entire system. I am so glad that I am blessed to have come across your classes, so that I was able to realize this before Qualifying as a CA. Though I was not fortunate enough to attend the classes face to face, I still felt every single word that you said and had the connect with every single concept. The way you created doubts and solved it with linking each concept was just mind blowing. Thank you for teaching us the method to excel in our studies and for showing us the approach to succeed with anything in life. Of all the facilities I have come across, your impression in my life will always be treasured and your teachings will always be carried along. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for making a difference in our lives. My CPT and IPCC approach was influenced by a lot of external factors. Most of the people told me that I can't do it in one attempt or it's not possible to clear both groups or I'm not capable enough to make it happen. Right from day 1, people kept telling me that it's a difficult course and I'm not capable enough to do it. I've come all this way proving them wrong and you have provided with confidence to overcome with it. Thank you so much once again sir.

Hello sir, my name is Purshotam, CA final student, your revision lectures and summary book have been of great help sir. After taking classes long back, I needed a concept oriented class again and your YouTube lectures helped. Thanks a lot sir. Wishing you great success. FR was a subject I feared most but I could handle it. I wrote my exams well Thanks you.

Sir you are very humble and very polite by your nature. Your teaching style is very unique and full conceptual clarity in very easy and productive manner. Your book is also 5 star rating book. It is drafted in this manner so that any one get able to understand very effectively. Thank you so much sir. I love your teaching style. I take classes from Delhi faculty sir but I don't get full concept clarity. Then I saw classes on YouTube your revision You are best teacher in financial reporting Thanks a lots.

I just finished with FR CLASSES , you’re classes are really amazing and very conceptual. Really loved your FR classes No doubt you’re one of the best FR teacher. Thank you so much sir. Looking forward for your GFRS Classes. Thank you sir.

FR - 81. A big thank you for your conceptual, in depth and engaging style of teaching. I owe these marks to you and couldn't have done it without you. Thank you so much. Best style of teaching I have ever come across.

Dear Sir , My Vishal B S , I am from Bangalore , I have been your student since IPCC days sir - I am happy to tell you that I have been able to clear both groups in Nov 20 exams sir You were my first CA Final teacher online and you have made FR my favorite subject sir!!! Thank you for your support and help sir - your teaching has really made me a better person not only FR but overall as a person Thank you so much sir . I will always remember your teaching .

Hi Sir, Sameep here. I cleared both the groups and wanted to thank you for all the support and guidance. Your classes not only helped me with FR but also motivated me to strive hard and clear the exams in the first go. I will always recommend anyone to learn from you. Thank you again sir.

Hello sir, I am Sairamgupta from Guntur, I initially had less conceptual clarity in FR, then comes your revision lectures and Summary notes to help me out in scoring good number, even i separately took IND AS 109,19pendrive classes from you and I loved the way you're taking us into concepts with your own simple examples and Strongly recommended to many of my friends. Heartful thanks sir to you and to your teaching approach.

Dear sir, I am your student, got 73 in FR, Cleared in first Attempt. Your teaching was amazing, concepts were crystal clear, a very big thank you sir.

You covered entire concept in very few pages. At the time of revision, its helping a lot. Learning entire content in very less time. Regarding colorful book - first of all, by seeing those colors pages only we are getting much interest. Sir. You always ask us, how you are teaching, whether we are understanding or not, whether your point of view is correct or not incase your answer is different from ICAI suggested solution. We have understood your teaching very well, & I always felt that your answers are correct rather than ICAI suggested solutions. Your teaching is simply superb sir. I felt bad that I couldn't take your coaching in CPT & CA Inter. The notes which you are providing is very useful sir. Most importantly, I never felt like I am listening class through video lectures. Even though those are video lectures. I felt like it is face2face classes.

I am enjoying FR classes. I like your way of teaching both from practical point of view as well as from exam point of view. Your examples and asking questions for conceptual clarity is amazing. Saaransh book is very useful for one day revision before exam. Thanks for making it student friendly by giving it in colorful mode sir.

Hello Sir, I'm able to follow your classes really well and am extremely satisfied with your method of teaching. Initially I was quite hesitant with choosing video classes over live classroom sessions, but after watching these classes I feel like it's more effective and am able to understand the concepts much better. And regarding the Saransh book, making it colorful has very huge impact in our learning. I'm able to feel a kind of interest in reading and moreover it gives the benefit of maintaining the focus. I'm extremely thankful to you for your teaching sir.

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for the conceptual clarity you have given me from your classes. I started my consolidation classes with the notion of my peers that it is hard to follow . But you made it seem so simple, thank you sir.

Good evening sir, I started FR coaching from your classes from 20 days. I find it somewhat difficult to connect with your teaching initially. I completed up to IND AS 38 with somewhat difficulty. But from IND AS 41 I am accustomed to your teaching. I just completed INDAS 36 and I am loving the subject and your teaching as well. I am able to solve problems before you do in classes. My target is to achieve 90+ in FR, I will achieve it with your classes and following your suggestions just now completed class 70. Right from ca inter I thought CFS chapter is very tough and I left that chapter in choice as well. You made a promise that CFS is easy chapter at the beginning and you kept it through out. Nothing to say much, as usual no doubts are showing up and you made CFS chapter a cake walk like other chapters. Thank you sir .

Saying from the bottom of my heart, the importance of your classes can be understood when we start reading SM after listening to your classes. You use the SM language which no one else does. It makes us soooo happy and confident when we exactly understand what's in the book. Thank you sir, for making FR interesting.

Namaste Sir, This is your CA- final student Vijayashree Bhat. I have completed the classes (Pen drive).Very happy to tell that I chose the right FR classes which gave the proper conceptual knowledge. All topics were covered thoroughly. One of the plus points of your pen drive classes is that you will give the topic explanations in writing & solve the problems manually instead of using presentations etc. which is very much helpful for students. I enjoyed the classes, never felt that I am missing face to face classes. Thank you so much Sir. While discussing with friends about selection of SFM faculty, I had considered you as bench mark I used to ask them if there is any faculty for SFM subject who can teach concepts like CJ Sir.

Hi sir. I am currently watching your recorded class applicable for may 2021 exams. The classes were amazing. The way you explain each and every concept in detailed is really appreciable. Even though those are virtual classes. You explain each and every concept without any hesitation. The material INDAS SAARANSH is really helpful for quick revision and colorful book makes us read with much more interest. The examples u provide in volumes are really helpful. And questions are much more concept able than in ICAI SM which makes us strong in a conceptual way. There is some freshness and interest in each and every class which makes us to watch 3-4 classes a day without any tiredness. I'm really thankful to u. I'm really proud to say that I'm a student of CJ sir. Thank u so much sir. We really mean it. And you deserve it for your continuous hard work.

Good morning sir. Sir today we are listening CFS chain holding concept and we have understood your explanation for calculating share of NCI and hope ICAI also understood your efforts and consider your point of view and include this in ICAI material. The efforts you are making to make FR easy for us are priceless and we are always indebted to you sir.

Good morning sir, I have completed your classes. Thank you so much sir for putting lot of efforts and providing us a best books and classes. And frankly saying sir there are lot of faculties charging more and teaching few problems. Even my friend took classes from other faculty but she ordered your books for further final preparation. And my attempt is in nov-21 sir. I hope and try to achieve best marks sir. Thank you.

Sir, I had taken classes for old syllabus FR FINAL. Did few lectures and then I converted to NEW and bought your lectures. I haven’t seen such good explanation. I’m on lecture 6 and I’m in love with FR the explanation you gave for TRADE discount and CASH discount. I’m sure not one student knew this itna clearly. JOINT PRODUCT AND BY PRODUCT explained amazingly. Thank you very much sir, seriously this level of knowledge is super. Thank you for these lectures.

I'm from Hyderabad I'm listening to your virtual classes. Your conceptual teaching is very good. Thank you so much.

Good morning sir, I am Sheetal Tiwari. Sir mujhe aap ke FR CLASSES mai bahot maza aatah h sir, mai bahot khush hoon ki mera investment bahot sahi jagah pe laga h sir. Mai Andhra Pradesh se aap ke classes le rahi hoon, yaha pe mere sare friends aap ke hi students hai. Mai aur meri friend ne yah decide kiya h sir ki hamare Nov 2021 exams ke results ke baad aap jaha bhi honge aap se milne jaroor ayege sir. Thank you sir.

Good evening Sir. I am Harika from Vijayawada, we are almost there to complete Business Combination. Though you are not there in front of me I am answering all your questions. This is all because of your interactive teaching. As soon as I clear my exam I will definitely come to meet you sir. Thank you so much for your wonderful explanation sir. I will definitely meet you and thank you personally for all the knowledge you are giving us. Thank you so much Sir.

Good evening sir, this is Manoj watching your classes, completed till share based payment. The way of explanation you are giving is amazing, I am able to understand the subject in an interesting way, thanks for the effort u have made.

Dear sir. This is Pavan Jain. Your student in Pen drive mode. I have no words to thank u. Cleared G1. I Couldn't study in Jan month. Lost around 15 days for personal reasons. But was only confident in FR. Thankfully it goes well and scored 79 in FR and 3 exemption in G1. This is effect of FR. Realized what is power of conceptual study. Despite of lack of final revision I made it to 79 and exemption in SFM and LAW. Thank you so much sir. Really happy that I took classes from u

Sir got 72 marks in FR sir. Really very happy for the marks sir. Its because of your conceptual teaching. As u know last time paper was full of concepts, really happy while attempting those questions because of confidence I got through you. Thank you so much sir.

Sir only because of your lovely teaching I secured 67 in FR. Thank you very very very much sir. Your blessings have made me score such marks and cleared group 1 Sir.

Completed my FR class sir, Very conceptual teaching pattern and letting us know, where we stood even after our IPCC and internship. Thank you so much for all the teachings and special thanks to the technical team who helped me even after office hours just to help me complete my class, I've got a great support from them too.

I am taking google drive classes of yours (FR). Today I have completed my 70th class. I would like to inform you that I am understanding all the topics without any difficulty because of your conceptual and in depth teaching of each and every concept.

Hi sir, I am Raghavendra, I have purchased your Pendrive classes. I am very happy with your way of teaching and explanation sir. I understood each and every point in subject sir. Thank you sir. I am writing first attempt of CA final sir. I never targeted to score 90+ in any subject in IPCC also sir. But this time I targeted myself to get 90+ marks in accounts sir with your inspiration.

Hi Sir. Recently I have taken fast track revision classes. Sir, I request you to provide the day wise topics that we dealt with, in those fast track classes. Like Day1 PPE, impairment .So that we can first prepare the standards that we are lacking and will be useful for our preparation. Thank you sir.

Took your Pen Drive Revisionary Batch sir Was really good and I took it mainly for rapid revision and coverage of all topics And it genuinely helped me so much Thanks a lot 90+ is the AIM.

Hi sir. I just completed the recognition of financial liability. I am just loving your conceptual explanation with simple examples. And one thing I like the most is for those which ICAI not given any questions you are creating own examples which is very good in case paper comes very tough.

Sir, I actually thought this was a helpline number. I didn't know it was you! Your classes are great sir. I've never had such conceptual clarity in this subject before. Your classes made me like this subject more. I look forward to seeing your classes everyday. I am able to solve all the questions in the booklet on my own and out of all the subjects I've learned, I have more confidence only in this subject.

Sir classes are great. The way you teach in detail, explaining the standards each word by word, makes the classes awesome. To be honest, I haven't received a single doubt till now, as you say, "Doubt ane se phele hi, I will clear all your doubts". Thank you so much for such beautiful understanding of the standards and making me in love them.

This is your student of CMA Final of FR in pendrive mode. Sir I wanna thank you for being a wonderful teacher because of you the subject FR became so easy for me. Conceptual clarity, explanation through live examples and all the tricks make me score 62 in your subject. Thank you sir for supporting me in this wonderful journey, it means a lot to me. It's because of your conceptual teaching today I'm CMA Really happy and satisfied that I took class from you

Sir am very average student. And seriously am not praising u sir. Am confident in only FR that am able to score 75+. Because I attended your lectures. Am doing some other works sir. My sir asking doubts to me in some INDAs. Am answering confidently now. I am Working in P Murali. They have listed companies I got 78 in advanced Accountants in IPCC. That time I have no conceptual clarity. But now am telling this before only that I can score. Seriously no faculty can spend this much of time to talk with their students. I know sir you have very busy schedule. Thank You for your valuable and motivational words about us.

You should teach all subjects! FR I converted from old to new I take it to be my best decision as now I’m most confident in FR. Have done only few classes of FR but I know I’ll crack it PLEASE do not lessen the explanation and I love the way you say NALAYAK. Thank you for the lectures.

Good afternoon Sir. Today we completed 97th lecture Sir. Thank you so much for making us conceptual very strong, today your words inspired me a lot Sir. According to me you are the only faculty I had gone through who shared personal number and gave permission to call at any time even for motivation. Thank you for being more friendly with us Sir. In this 97 days journey I never felt it as a virtual class Sir. Thank you for such a great interactive teaching. I need your blessings Sir. Will definitely meet you with prefix CA to my name Sir. Thank you sir.

Next level explanation for each concept sir. Initially I feared about financial instruments chapter but later I'm feeling very comfortable sir. Ultimate conceptual clarification .

Good morning sir. I have taken PD class group 60. I have completed few classes. The way u explain really inspires me and make more interest to listen the classes. Thank you for providing such clarity in the concept.

Sir I am really enjoying your way of teaching. You are really converting is from CA students to be real CAs. Thank you sir.

Hello sir. I am actually thankful to you because I was about to give up on FR for May 2021 because of the vast syllabus and I was lucky enough to know about your revision classes and that saved me a big time I'm really happy and little more confident in FR than yesterday and I am proud to say that I'm your student forever. Your the only sir I adored from CPT IPCC and now even final I'm lucky to have u as my mentor and I wish you good health and recover soon sir. All your students love you loads.

Sir finished watching CA Final FR classes. Thanks sir for the love and emotion you had towards to this subject. You really conveyed concepts in a manner that is very easy to understand which actually requires a lot of effort & that many people lacks and explained each concept very clearly. As you said, yes sir I really felt as challenging task to watch since you taught many concepts, logics, adjustments in each class. Hence I can say undoubtedly sir quality of content delivery is unmatchable. Thanks a lot sir since you made my understanding and approach towards this paper easy and ultimately my time and effort towards this paper comes down in preparation I believed.

I am Praneeth from pace academy SR Nagar. I have enrolled your FR classes. Your conceptual teaching skills very good. I think you are best FR faculty.

Its amazing sir, clear cut concept are taught by you. I am getting too much interesting into the topics when your are explaining new things. Your lectures are very good as getting some value addition of concepts and last message of quotes which is motivating us.

Your lectures are really amazing sir. They help us to have conceptual understanding on each and every topic. I have recommended many of my friends to go through your lectures sir.

I took up your classes from march, I had a good flow but then got allocated to outstation audit and could not continue I restarted it again. I do not know how sir, but I got the same flow again. All because of your teaching and conceptual clarity. Thank you so much for motivating us sir. You are such an inspiration for us. Best conceptual clarity which helps us in solving sums sir. Classes are very much interesting day by day, and your message for the day motivates me a lot sir.

CA Chiranjeev Jain sir, you have taken more than one hour to explain meaning of contingency. You are an exceptional faculty for FR.

I have never seen a faculty like u at final level, explaining every single word / phrase in a detailed manner touching each n every student mind n making us to understand in a crystal clear manner. Really getting a lot of interest into subject by listening to your classes And the way you are inspiring us by saying that you had already passed the toughest IPCC / can inter level ,it is very easy to you to get good marks in final level. Really very happy that I made a right choice of opting your classes.

Your classes are very interesting, I can listen continuously for 5-6 hours without losing my interest, I'm getting each and every point, sorry you're making us to understand very well, sometimes you used to scold us, but it really motivates us to study in correct way. After listening your classes I have changed myself. Thank you so much sir.

Great words with deep meaning. Now a days not getting sleep without listening daily classes. Thank u sir. Enjoyed Ind As 16. taken one more class. Forget time to sleep. Really boosted up. Happy to understand & read the subject without thinking about exam results. Thank u very much sir for increasing our confidence level. Courageously going to bed. With mindset to getup early & fight again. Unlike fell down for sleep in earlier days.

Classes are creating complete involvement and clear understanding of subject sir.

I am very happy with your classes and my confidence levels increased after listening to your classes. Sir thanks for providing virtual classes.

Great thanks to FR legend. Started FR with huge fear of concept and now solving problems as per CJ Sir Concept notes instead of looking answers in material. Completed IND AS_102 & revision also done at early morning with concept clear. Thank you CJ sir for making concepts crystal clear and I can’t imagine none other thank you. Also you are the real OFF Screen motivation for me to revise FR daily morning and the way you are explaining each and every point with examples and practical made me realize that FR is not at all tough.

Sir really appreciate for your conceptual knowledge. I am out words. Thanks you very much sir. Heard about so many lectures who simply solve questions in materials. But you are taking concept as base.
Particularly in partnership and amalgamation, standards sir! Outstanding sir.

Dear sir, You're really an inspiring and student friendly teacher. In this time also you're here to solve students problems. From the day I am listening to your Classes. I turned as fan of you. I just pray to God that you will continue lectures with full energy. I also pray God that he will provide you utmost strength and energy to you.

Hello sir. In response to your today's thought for the day. I would like to share one thing. Actually I was very much confused to join your FR class because I really don't know about you sir.. I got many suggestions from my friend to join some "x person" classes but I refused to go that faculty because I am still not confident with my IPCC(as I have taken my IPCC with that x person).. Though i love accounts I am still not confident with that subject.. basically I din't understand the concept behind my IPCC subjects.. i was very much worried.. and with God's grace I have cleared my both groups but sir may be I am from rattafication batch.. Sir Mei jaan gayi thi ki ye workout nai hoga..So coming to CA final, I wanted to concentrate more and I decided to stick with the concepts hereafter.. Then my friends suggested same "x person" classes for CA final.. but I said no! a big no!.. my friends forced me to join that other faculty classes, then my answer to all of them was "Jisko Mei nai janthi unko trust karke unke paas classes lena Mera apna decision hoga but jinko Mei janthi or pasand bhi nai karthi or unke classes samajh bhi nai aatha uni ke paas jaana Meri Zindagi me sabse badi galthi hoga" so I did not accept any of my friends suggestion.. I said - Risking my own life with my own decisions is far better than Risking my life with some ones rumors.. and sir first class ko Mei late aayi thi, so Mei appko zyada samajh nai saki.. 2nd class me bhi sir mushkil hua tha aapko samajh ne me but sir 3rd class se bahut bahut interesting lagra tha.. sir today I can say one thing to all my friends that I am completely correct with my decision.. Sir aap sirf CA final ka FR nai sikhare, infact you r teaching how to prosper as a "Chartered Accountant".

To my favourite teacher. Accounts was the most difficult subject before and now I can proudly say
I love FR. Thank you so much sir. I feel like I took the best-est decision of taking FR classes from you from the day I took classes of you of IPCC in Yeshas Academy, Bangalore, I knew you are the best teacher. And now I believe your motivation made all the magic. Thank you so much sir. Thank you for always being there for us. 63 in FR would not be possible without you. Regards.

Thank u so much sir. I've got 73 in advanced accounting. Bought your regular course at a discount price of 1500 on teacher's day. And concepts were so clear that i didn't had to spend much time on revision again. Could have got 80+ but i haven't listened branch and AS19 due to time constraint. Looking forward to take FR coaching from you sir. Again, Thank u so much sir.

I know its very long and you don’t have time to read this stupidity of mine but kya karu sir, bahot din se mann me tha..but bolne me hesitation horaha tha. But ab apne chance diya hai to give feedback, I took it and I wrote. Sorry sir. Everyone says that I am not a very quick learner. But you did not make me realize that in your class. You taught so nicely and calmly explained us till we understand thoroughly. Each n every day you motivated us in one or other way..thats why i did not want to miss your class a single day...and came to lakdikapul 2days in evening and in lakdikapul evening class i learnt about DREAM…the thought of dream was never analysed by anybody like this before. Thankfully I did not miss that class. But unfortunately i could not attend starting 3 classes and had to miss last few classes due to some issues. Apart from FR, what all made me wonder is your love for country, your passion towards study, your dedication for teaching... And one more thing which made me feel very very bahot jyada attractive is your English communication is little different from others..but still you have achieved a great share of market, loads n loads of love from student...huge blessings and popularity. It is a very big motivation for me sir as I cannot speak English confidently. You made my fear gone. Its YOU who made us think that ques n syllabus too have emotions and sir it happened. Really when i started thinking the emotions of the subject, i learnt things. I can solve the ques easily with that feeling. Your sentences like I am great...cj sir is great...reminded me of drishyam film...its moral is that when we think we are the best, we become best...we become whatever we think. I saw a live example of that in you sir. Your nalayak word has such a joyful emotion made us feel apnapan... and as i am also a marwari, i enjoyed your slang very falana falana,..matha phodo..etc. I just joined your class by knowing that you teach conceptually very good..and the i always go for marwari n jain teachers. But Sir i learnt so so so many things here and got heart touching moments. Am very lucky to have this subject in your class as we started to understand your emotions, we started understanding the subject. Its really amazing and so kind of you that you told us to revise everyday. In today's world nobody cares this much. Each b every day you motivated us in one or other way. That's why i did not want to moss your class a single day. and came to lakdikapul 2days in evng. I very much wish ,if I earn, I should earn like you. Values, Love and Respect 1st, Money is the by-Product of it.

Sir Literally tears are coming from my eyes. We miss you sir. Ur not only a teacher to us. You're a elder brother to us. Truly am saying sir your unselfish, Non commercial and your YouTube uploads very helpful not only to your students, it will help to poor students who can't afford to buy. Every time you are thinking about students. I can't define your greatness in words sir. I will show my gratitude by scoring BEST MARKS In Exam. This is not a over confidence sir this am telling because am CJ sir student. Whenever I lose confidence. I will show your pic on material for regain confidence. Means you are my guru ji. Am just TOUCHING UR FEET SIR FOR BLESSINGS. THANK YOU SIR. Proud to be a student of CJ sir.

Good evening sir.It's pleasure to me to have FR classes from you sir. Your summary classes are very much useful to me every day I am listening to one standard and sleeping which makes my day complete
But only disadvantage from the class is your voice is making us to sleep in the morning batch which can be resolved when u take this classes by a walk on the stage while taking class. Thank you sir for such an opportunity to share our views with you.

Hello sir. I am glad that I am your student. It took me 10-12 days to get comfortable with u. But once i started understanding your emotions, journey became easier. U r just amazing sir. Everyone always said that FR us one of the toughest subject but i never felt that because i had u as my teacher.
I started my other subject just a day before, when that sir was teaching i was searching u in him as in the way u ask to raise your hands if u know the answer, understood, nalayak, emotions ko samjo, common sense and all words. It was a wonderful journey. Just wish that u thought all the subjects so that we never get a chance to miss u.

I personally thank you for your commitment towards teaching, command over the subject, caring for the students, the subject i learned moreover the confidence I got is irreparably good. And I am glad to say that I am CJ sir Student.

Sir before attending your classes I have an opinion that north faculties don't care much about students just they teach subject and go but after attending your classes my perception has been completely changed and I'm feeling very happy to have such a conceptual knowledge you have delivered. I can confidently say now that I'm a student of CJ sir. No words can describe your care about us sir. Thank you a lot from bottom of my heart. Miss your classes a lot sir.

Your way of teaching is conceptual and inspirational. Thank you very much for providing the best FR classes sir.

Your classes are the best sir. According to me. No one can teach FR as clear as you do. Thank you for everything sir.

Even The greatest kings too began their new tasks, after seeking advice from Gurus so we got a lot of advice from our guru ji CJ sir we will fight at our level best to get best results thank you sir for your full guidance.

I had never seen a lecturer who motivates students on every day of his class and asks every day to revise. Few lecturer s will say to revise but you did the same thing everyday. It's really pleasure to take classes from you sir. Thank you so much for your support sir.

It's really very pleasure to take classes from CJ sir, I never seen such a lecturer who always supporting, motivating and encouraging. For passing CA exams it is not enough to have dedication some times we also require some support to step forward that type of support we always blessed from CJ sir it is great thing. Finally you melted everyone with your conceptual study. Thank you for your best Support.

You are best of best teacher. Level of knowledge you give us for subject as well as for life is very precious. Your way of explanation and giving concept at highest level with so much easy is great. You give not only subject lessons but also priceless life lessons which i always try to imbibe in my life.

Hi sir. Good morning. I have never got a chance to say this sir, But I am so proud to be your student and I am so lucky that I was your student in Ipcc too. You are the person reason for my strong basics in accounting. Everything about you is so fascinating sir. Your commitment, Your time management,Your conceptual clarity, your 'Unique' method of teaching, your attire, your shayaris, Your motivation stories every thing is so unique. The best part is you asking Questions. Making us to think, before actually explaining the concept. Finally, sir a big big Thank you for making yourself Student friendly, and available at all times. Love you sir.

The period of 70 days classes are golden days for us. When we are in depression for anything(even financial or personal) , we just see your class for 30 minutes. It wlil give positive mind. You are the first faculty ever am connected emotionally. Thank you sir. Thank you.

Thank you sir. For your contribution. For FR subject. And for motivating daily by your thoughts. When fr classes are finished I started my revision with consolidation. Trust me sir without any obstacle am able to solve the problems. Because of your classes. And trust me sir I can still remember the words like oh accha ye bath hai, danger etc. I can still remember your voice just like in class while solving the problems. This one thing is enough sir. Even though our classes are finished but still we connected sir. And sir recently two days back you are teaching fr in my dreams also sir. This is really sir you believe or not. By the above words I illustrated how can a BEST teacher (not teacher) impact the students sir. Thank once again sir.

Pranam Sir, This is Sakshi Jain from Kolhapur Maharashtra. I had attended your IPCC class in Bangalore for finals also I wanted to join your face to face batch but I had to stay in native. When all students over here were attending virtual class I was made to attend the demo lectures, that time it happened like I want my Bangalore teachers only. and soon after that you came up with pen drive classes. I was so happy to know that. When it was my time to join classes I took pen drive. I was on seven hevan when I received the books. I was so happy that I was able to learn with my Favorite teacher. Now that I have completed all the classes I want to say that it's my good luck that I was able to be student of such an GREAT BEST and AWESOME the one who will Motivating teacher ever. Thank you so much Sir for making us firmly Stand in such vast subject. You made us conceptually so strong gave us in detail knowledge of the subject. Before completing the classes it was. No rather it is a full time saying that FR is too vast we cannot manage we cannot recall anything after class. But I can really say that sir you have kept us safe from all the negativity in the environment. I never felt that FR is something unmanageable rocket science subject. Sir your motivation on every day basis. all your words are recalled as it is when we open the book. Your full energy in class. all the concept have been made so clear. we are emotionally connected with you sir. Though not face to Face but I use to raise hand for answers I was giving ..and felt bad that when you said you don't know us, it was like, sir no don't say like that no. You know us sir we are your student. You have made us understand each single single point ..right from CPT you have made all the concept clear. Thank you so much sir. My words are too small to thank you but Thank you thank you so much once again can confidently say I'm CJ sir's student. I Can challenge anyone now.

Hii sir. Today I completed all of my classes. Thank you very much for such a detailed explanations. You're the best teacher I have seen so far. I have confidence that I will achieve my desired marks with the inspiration, subject knowledge u given to us. Once again I am thanking u very much sir.

Dear Chiranjeev Sir, Thank you so much for being such an incredible teacher! Your teaching style and techniques have made me conceptually strong. It's now that I am able to solve doubts of my friends (not your students) in topics especially like 'Financial instruments', I have become way more confident than before. I have had a huge respect for you since CA-Inter, may be that's why I chose to be your student again in CA-Final as well. But this time, my respect for you increased a million fold. Thank you for being genuine. Thank you for being one of the few great teachers out there! From a happy student !!!

Hi sir. Just got done with your classes. Absolutely loved them. You have designed the classes in such a way that I was able to go with the flow. The flowcharts were helpful for understanding most of the concepts. All the questions including ISM compiled at the end would definitely make it easy for all the students while revising. And not just this sir, you were also giving personal attention here on WhatsApp/telegram, not all the faculties would be doing that. I remember the first time I had a doubt, you personally called me and explained the same for 25 minutes. Really great that you are able to give your time to your students individually. I would definitely be needing your help once I start revising sir. Really confident about the subject. Thank you so much for making your classes available in pendrive mode sir.

I'm sweatha krishnan. I'm currently taking your video classes. Just now completed Financial instruments. It was truly amazing sir. Totally enjoyed the sessions. A whole new perspective towards accounting. There was a lot of "ohh achaaa eh baath". I loved the classes totally. I couldn't hold up to the end of the complete set of classes. Thank you so much for teaching us wonderfully. The whole chapter has been made very simple for us. Thank you so much sir..

Hi Students, I am CA Amit Kumar Jain, practicing in Gurgaon. I am one of the old students of CA Chiranjeev Sir, and belong to his first CA final batch in Kolkata. Today, on Teacher's Day, I would love to convey my gratitude to him for his wonderful coaching classes. The learning shared by him both related to course and related to practical life after CA, has been very useful in my journey. He is one of the best CA Final teacher in India and I recommend all students to join him.

To begin with a quote "It takes a big heart to help shape little minds.” Thank You Sir, for being an Amazing faculty throughout CA journey. Now that I completed my journey, I feel immensely honored for being your student and learning the concepts precisely in a manner that helps in application too. Words might fall short to express the gratitude, for you have been an Amazing teacher, mentor and a friend. Just a small appreciation post from a student, moreover from a Fan of your ideas and teaching.

I have taken FR classes from CA Chiranjeev Jain Sir. He is best in this subject. It’s because of Sir I get to know so much about accounts especially IND AS, I have also taken accounts from him in CA IPCC and I scored very good marks in IPCC even though I was average in accounts subject. He teach from base which makes easy for average students to score high in exams. He gives through conceptual knowledge do that students will able to write worst paper in exams with ease. Thanks sir for your valuable teaching.

I'm so grateful to be your student. Thank you for instilling in me the passion for learning. You've put in selfless efforts in shaping our career! We're truly blessed to have a mentor like you.

Thanks to the man with great caps, a perfect guide who has really helped us at every point and gave his helpful hands without any complaints .. You be the best sir.

I have done my schooling from science stream,so at the start of CPT only I was nervous, if I will be able to do accounts. But my whole nervousness was transformed into interest of learning by Chiranjeev Sir. He created a strong foundation for me with conceptual clarity. It was his easy going approach even when the concepts were challenging, I scored 44/60 in CPT and then 76/100 in IPCC. I will always be grateful to you. You are phenomenal. Keep up the good work!

I have taken the classes for CA Final FR from Chiranjeev Jain sir and I believe he is an great teacher and a amazing mentor. His methodology of teaching is unique, while in class there's no concept untaught. He teaches wholeheartedly and makes sure that you get your basics right. I have no other words to express this better. I will say, just join him and u will see the results !! CJ sir ROCKS !!!!!

SIR Ji # THANK YOU, I joined Yeshas just because you were teaching us ACCOUNTS #Your the most coolest & friendly faculty #You always motivated us #You always guided us on right path #Yet I can't believe that today was our last IPCC class # I personally never ever saw a great faculty like YOU # We all gonna miss you so much😣 #You always helped us SIR JI # You were just like our friend's #A BIG BIG THANK YOU SIR JI # See you soon in CA-FINAL #WILL MISS YOU SIR JI #LOVE YOU TONS & TONS

Sir you can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning..motivating...Thank You Sir ## CJ Sir the Best#

The way you teach. The knowledge you share. The care you take. The love you shower. Makes you. The world's best sir. It's my pleasure to have such a nice sir with charming smile. And I have never seen such a sir like you.

I pursued 61 in accounting just because of Chiranjeev Jain Sir. His notes are not less than a face to face teaching. He covers each and every minute stuff. Lucky to be his student.

I have attended his classes and he is very knowledgeable. He teaches the complex things in a very simple manner. He is a good guide for a student. Because of him I got exemption in IPCC accounts. Students who are interested in conceptual learning can join his classes without any second thought! The chart prepared by him is simple and easily understandable. Very much useful for the students for last minute revision. Thank you sir for all the teaching and guidance!!

Your way of teaching is something different that we will be in a thought that you are teaching slow but we’ll get to know your fast once we missed your class and seeing the notes the next day. Really loved the class very much sir. Thankuuuuu so much sir. The real life stories you teaches in class are inspired. Sir, we will go through many teachers in life sir. But only few we can remember lifelong. You’re one among them and one you got the position with 70 days time while with everyone I spent not less than 2 years. Once again Thank you sir. Sir, I may not score 90+ in exam, But I’m sure I’ll give my 200% for getting 90+. Because we have only two options. Either 90+ or 90+.

When I started my journey to become a Chartered accountant, the only fear I had was will I be able to have that conceptual knowledge which is needed the most in a profession like ours.!! Now after completing my CA I can tell you that starting from Accounts in CPT then with Accounts in IPCC and to end with Financial reporting in CA Final, the conceptual understanding of the subject which I gained from you helped me become what I am now.. Thank you Sir once again to be available whenever asked for and help me achieve my dream of becoming a CA.

Sir's FR classes are the best among all !! It's been a great privilege to take FR under Chiranjeev Sir. Sir your classes are damn interesting and at the same time very motivating. Conceptual clarity with practical scenarios and questions which you compile are really helpful for our exams and practical training as well!! It's sad that after CA Final Coaching we will no more be sitting in front of you as a student but yes this memories will be life long and will always love to be your student. Will keep my promises sir !!

The best CA final FR faculty is Chiranjeev Jain Sir in Hyderabad. His notes are student friendly and student can revise easily the entire subjects from his notes. Very experienced faculty. You will love him after taking classed from him. Thanks and regards.

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning" I would truly like to appreciate the great effort you have put into tutoring and enlightening my way. Because of your guidance and patience, I've come this far in my CA journey. Thank you for always being there in all my confusions and helping me deal with all the stress during IPCC days! Accounts couldn't be more easier and all the credit goes to your easy techniques. Thank you for being my mentor. I'm truly blessed to be your student! Wish you a very happy teachers day Sir.

Sir, it's very glad to have these words to you. You are the person who stands with me not only as my guru but as a family member during my tough times.. The way you teach us makes our self to mold towards subject conceptually. Because of you only I have got AIR's in IPCC and CMA. Being your student makes me proud. Gives me confidence that I can achieve all through success. Finally thank you is not enough for your services. Just will show thanks in the form of results in our exams. Not only the subject your personality as a Chartered Accountant this the Perfect Example for all Budding CA's. One word about my guru ."CA Chiranjeev sir is the BAADSHAH OF IND AS " in India.

Teachers usually make us study. Chiranjeev Jain sir made us enjoy the subject. We stepped out of the class with tonnes of confidence and belief. Thank you very much sir. We never found in your class, a teacher- student relationship. We always felt that we are being taught by a best friend and well-wisher. We will be grateful forever sir. With tonnes of love. One word about Chiranjeevi Jain sir. You taught us from your Heart. Not from book.

Thank you sir for providing us the best lectures with an ease. It was an amazing time spending with you. I'm very lucky to learn the subject of Accountancy that too of IPCC level under your guidance. You made this subject very easy with your experience and teaching quality. Actually your friendly nature towards the students made it more easier to understand the subject. Even your scoldings were like roses without thornes. Thank you so much sir for helping us get through our targets. Will be missing those class fun but hope to see you soon in CA final classes. 😇Proud to be CHIRANJEEVIAN 😇

I scored 75 in Accounts. It's just because of Mr. CA Chiranjeev Jain Sir. Initially I was bothered about that subject as I was from science background. But then I met with sir classes it changed the whole scenario & the result is this. Thank you so much sir.

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