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Face to Face Classes: 7731007722 Pen Drive Classes: 8766246684 Virtual Classes: 6300580059

Dear Sir, I’m a student from Chennai, Tamil Nadu and I am taking your FR Pen drive Classes and as of now I completed more than 60% syllabus and regularly I am doing revision of old topics. I am 100% Confident about the completed topics that you are teaching every thing conceptually and I really felt that I am learning from the right person in right manner. Now there is no need for me to bye hard the things and I can retain everything conceptually. Thanks you so much for taking such care about your students that no faculty in India will teach like this. Thank you so much once again sir!

Hello sir. May 1st onwards I have started your google drive classes and since 20 days I was listening continuously and I have come know all the new concepts. Many other friends of mine tried to mislead me by saying that prefer other facilities” but I didn’t listen to them as I know how you teach, not like other faculties who just explain what and how but your specialty is you even cover “WHY” which makes you unique and since CPT your my teacher I know your teaching style. Sir there is a saying that Rolls Royce has 2 seats and a bus has 50 seats because it’s lonely at the TOP. Am so proud to have u as my teacher.

Hi sir, my name is Arjun. I’m from Kerala. I just wanted to say u a big thank you. Whenever I got a doubt I use to listen Ur YouTube lectures. And with that I could clear every single doubt. You make students understand the concept and not just be hurry with the portions. Thank you sir. Thank you very much. Actually I bought other faculty pen drive classes. But whenever I get doubt on his concepts I use to watch your video lectures on YouTube. May be I bought the pen drive without analyzing.

Sir you are teaching great. I love watching your lecture and now I can say to my friends that I am learning something fantastic. My senior’s suggested to join Topyug classes because you and Gautam sir are teaching. And they also said to trust you blindly. My all friends joined Topyug only. Thank you so much sir.

Good afternoon sir, I am Disha Sanghvi, your student from Topyug. Sir you have been very helpful to us, you have made our concepts strong and day by day I feel my accounts is improving because of you. Thank you sir for being this helpful.

Good morning sir , I am Namit Jain from your accountancy foundation batch. I am finding your classes excellent and It’s making my accounts knowledge more accurate. Sir I am from Haryana and actually I might not get to know about your classes Topyug educations if my paternal uncle ‘Sunny Jain’ was not there to guide me about you. Thank you sir for this excellent coaching.

Hi sir. This is Vinuthna. Recently I have taken your classes through Pen drive. I am fully satisfied with your classes sir. Thank you very much for giving so much knowledge to all the students sir. After taking your classes I realized how much rattafication I have done in CACPT and IPCC. Thank you for your teaching and valuable suggestions sir. Actually I’m staying in Dubai so I taken coaching through Pen drive. Thank you sir for providing services through pen drive mode.

Good afternoon sir. I am Vaishali. I have completed classes today. I really thank u sir for teaching each and every topic conceptually and I realized that first time I learnt accounts conceptually with out any rattafication, and It was my correct decision to get coaching from u sir. Thank u once again sir.

Hi sir, I am Kypa Gowtham. I think there are no certain word to describe my thoughts I got a different perspective regarding to FR from you sir. Apart from the subject, I can say I have learnt the dedication and respect that I should pay towards my duties i.e., studies from you I just wanted to give a situation. Even though the total India is in lockdown, I have completed the classes in time. This happened only because of CJ sir. You dedication towards you work to complete the classes in time is remarkable. Thank you soo much sir. Hope I’ll become a CA in my very first attempt with all your blessings and looking forward to meet you.

Hello sir, Finally done with the classes it was a great experience Learning the subject from you with so much conceptual clarity and understanding, Your way of teaching is so good and Your saying of daily one hour is revision was so helpful and I was able to complete the concepts daily which gave me a confidence over the subject . And lastly I want to thank you for all your efforts.

Good noon sir. I have completed my FR classes few weeks ago. When I’m revising those topics now I’m able to revise very quick without any hassles. Thanks a lot for your concept based coaching sir. You’re the one who answers “why” for everything you teach. I’m surprised to see that you’re asking students continuously whether they understood or not. I wish I was in your face to face class. Thank you so much for everything sir. To be frank, first I’ve got suggestions from my seniors to go for some other faculty, instead I chose CJ. And that’s the best part of decision I’d made. You made such a vast subject very easy to understand and revise and reproduce conceptually. Thank you so very much Sir.

Hi sir. Good evening. Hope you are doing good sir. I have just completed the classes. I just want to convey that the classes were very good with full of conceptual clarity. I took a correct decision to take classes from you sir. Thank you for explaining the concepts very well. I have a confidence that I can give my best in FR. Thank you very much sir.

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