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Hiii sir Good evening. Soumya Shree I felt happy to say that Your way of teaching is very easily understandable and U gave simple examples it helps me to remembering all the concepts and your teaching is helpful not only for examination point of u but also conceptually understanding .U gave message in daily class those were very inspirational thanks a lot sir.

Good afternoon sir.  Lavanya Sir i have been listening f0r classes through pen drive mode .up to now i got completed with  IND as 20 .as per the daily basis after listening the classes i dealt with the problems in question bank sir. When ever i find the doubt as i used to ask in telegram group and u had clarified it sir. After listening the classes and solving the questions literally I’m getting conceptual clarity and gaining the confidence levels towards the subject sir. Thank you so much sir for making me confident regarding fr. once after the coaching i will practice it more and more with this clarity sir. Whenever I’m in lacking confidence previously regarding my attempt which is very nearer to me and that time you have given a valuable suggestion with respect to time allocation of coaching. thank you so much sir. as per your words only i have been scheduled the classes. during the period of coaching only I’m thorough with the subject sir.

Hello Sir, I’m Sumukh from Bangalore. I had been your student since IPCC in yeshas academy, Bangalore. Currently I have taken FR Google drive classes of yours for my November 2022 attempt. (I never thought about any other faculty except yours when I had to take FR for CA final). I would like to share that the classes have been come out really well and it’s been very effective teaching from you. All the resources required for exam preparations have been provided by yourself through PDF and as well the hard copies of material. Very helpful to study Sir. Analysis of the problems and the conceptual understanding has been leveled up for me by your teaching.  Some of the concepts were made so easy that I don’t even need second time revision for that. Thank you so much for guiding us in this path. Appreciate all your efforts that you pour towards the students daily.

Hi sir.  Naman Begur here. Extremely delighted to share with you that I have completed 97th class today! It has been such a wonderful journey learning from you.  With all the motivation you give it really helps us push ourselves. Thank you for caring for us  Stepping into our shoes and thinking in our perspective and asking us so many questions that puzzles our mind  You are indeed the Best teacher! You show us what it means to give 100%  You are our live example and I am extremely proud to be your student And I am definitely sure I will make you Proud Thank you very much sir once again for everything  I am looking forward to meet you  With my CA prefix  Very soon

Wish you the Best life with all success and happiness  May you reach billion more students and get to experience what a wonderful man you are  This relationship has been built in a one way conversation but it feels like you are our friend who is there to understand us  This is incredible how you can do that! I’m really extremely happy today to have experienced your classes  It has been the best few months of my life.  I will study extremely hard and AIM to score Centum I will make you proud  Thank you Thank you so much once again  Love you Sir.

Sir My Self Veerendra  today I’ll understand the Right Shares Conceptually, Great Teaching sir in Ipcc frankly I am saying that, only I’ll read the formula and Solving the problems that’s all. I don’t know what is meant by pre rights , Theoretical ex-right at that time. Now i understood conceptually…  So i never ever forgot this now. Thank you sir.

Hii sir my self Naveen Kumar  Today I completed your recorded classes applicable for may 22 exams. Really they are very nice sir explanation of each concept by taking examples is very good because u theoretical & practical at same time so that even sometimes I didn’t understand your class then with your example doubt will be clarrified. I am really thankful to you sir. Simply books & classes were amazing.

Hello Chiranjeev Jain Sir, Good evening I am Lalitha, Today I have strongly decided to Message you and I hope it would reach you. I really, I mean FRANKLY AND TRULY SPEAKING the way you are TEACHING IS REALLY APPRECIABLE sir. Actually, today I have completed listening to Lecture regarding IND AS-33, Earning Per Share and in that session the way explained about Theoretical Ex-right fair value of shares was up to the mark. Really I didn’t understand the concept behind this, in CA-Inter, as you said we have just done rectification I think. Also u have taken practical situation of concept introduced by Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji with respect to special purpose vehicle concept and that one was truly understandable. And I am really happy today I have gain knowledge with conceptual understanding. And unhappy for one thing that I couldn’t directly meet you sir and hope that day will come and chance to meet you sir. Thank you so much Sir for providing UP TO THE MARK LEVEL OF KNOWLEDGE to your students SIR and I am really glad.

Hello sir. This is Mahak one of your students.  I’ve completed my 97th lecture today and I must say your teaching is very nice. I understood all the concepts and  now I’m able to relate it to my work also. Thank you so much for making the concepts so easily understandable.  Also the ind as saaransh book is very nicely drafted and so easy made that it is very interesting to read n understand! Thank you sir.

Hi sir, My self  Veerendra Today is my 82nd Class. Your Explanation about ” In CA-IPCC Payment of Liquidation expense” we adjust with Good will, how it will increase Goodwill.? It’s a Bakwas Journal entry  Really wonderful Explanation sir ji   while doing ipcc I never Get this doubt  sir told that adjust with Goodwill  we do adjustment . that’s all. sir really your standard of teaching is Very High and Fabulous. Thank you so much sir   Now I am Learning the Financial Reporting Subject Conceptually with High Knowledge. only because of you sir . But There was a little bit of fear going on sir because lack of revision of the subject . Once again . Thank you so much sir.

Sir, my self Ajin K P  i have completed all the lectures.  I understood all the concepts very well. I am very lucky to have found such a fantastic teacher like you.

Sir, I m Shilpa Lawrence. I have completed my 83 lectures. I am so happy to have chosen you for my CA Final FR paper. The way you explain each point is so helpful. Now I am able to think and understand each concept instead of memorizing  the rules. Thank you so much sir. I will definitely make you proud with my results.

Good Morning Sir  I am Amith Gupta thank you so much for such a conceptual teaching and it’s impact on me. I was kinda scared to get a grip on the subject at first and now I am on the 30% of classes ,I am not only feeling confident but I find it interesting This wouldn’t happen because of you sir. Thanks again.

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