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Good morning CJ sir. I am Sindhuja, Hope so that you are fine. First of all Happy Teachers day to you sir our Passion towards teaching and your Patience in teaching us the subject FR conceptually. will definitely make us Worthy Chartered Accountants. You explain every single point like as if you don’t want miss small logic also .without any hesitation. Asking questions & making us to think is the best part I truly enjoyed (even in virtual class).You explain the background and depth of the concept and then dive into the problem which makes us to apply the concept easily In CA Inter I haven’t learned “Consolidation chapter” but here in your class I used to practice one sum for each lecture that made this chapter very interesting for me Thank you sir for making this FR classes interesting with your amazing teaching skills .I may not score 90+,But I’m sure I’ll give my 100% for getting 90+, and I believe that this is the best guru dakshina a CA student can give to CA teacher.

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