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Face to Face Classes: 9652229994 Pen Drive Classes: 8766246684 Virtual Classes: 6300580059

Pranam Sir, This is Sakshi Jain from Kolhapur Maharashtra. I had attended your IPCC class in Bangalore for finals also I wanted to join your face to face batch but I had to stay in native. When all students over here were attending virtual class I was made to attend the demo lectures, that time it happened like I want my Bangalore teachers only. and soon after that you came up with pen drive classes. I was so happy to know that. When it was my time to join classes I took pen drive. I was on seven hevan when I received the books. I was so happy that I was able to learn with my Favorite teacher. Now that I have completed all the classes I want to say that it’s my good luck that I was able to be student of such an GREAT BEST and AWESOME the one who will Motivating teacher ever. Thank you so much Sir for making us firmly Stand in such vast subject. You made us conceptually so strong gave us in detail knowledge of the subject. Before completing the classes it was. No rather it is a full time saying that FR is too vast we cannot manage we cannot recall anything after class. But I can really say that sir you have kept us safe from all the negativity in the environment. I never felt that FR is something unmanageable rocket science subject. Sir your motivation on every day basis. all your words are recalled as it is when we open the book. Your full energy in class. all the concept have been made so clear. we are emotionally connected with you sir. Though not face to Face but I use to raise hand for answers I was giving ..and felt bad that when you said you don’t know us, it was like, sir no don’t say like that no. You know us sir we are your student. You have made us understand each single single point ..right from CPT you have made all the concept clear. Thank you so much sir. My words are too small to thank you but Thank you thank you so much once again can confidently say I’m CJ sir’s student. I Can challenge anyone now.

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