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Face to Face Classes: 9652229994 Pen Drive Classes: 8766246684 Virtual Classes: 6300580059

Hi sir.  Naman Begur here. Extremely delighted to share with you that I have completed 97th class today! It has been such a wonderful journey learning from you.  With all the motivation you give it really helps us push ourselves. Thank you for caring for us  Stepping into our shoes and thinking in our perspective and asking us so many questions that puzzles our mind  You are indeed the Best teacher! You show us what it means to give 100%  You are our live example and I am extremely proud to be your student And I am definitely sure I will make you Proud Thank you very much sir once again for everything  I am looking forward to meet you  With my CA prefix  Very soon

Wish you the Best life with all success and happiness  May you reach billion more students and get to experience what a wonderful man you are  This relationship has been built in a one way conversation but it feels like you are our friend who is there to understand us  This is incredible how you can do that! I’m really extremely happy today to have experienced your classes  It has been the best few months of my life.  I will study extremely hard and AIM to score Centum I will make you proud  Thank you Thank you so much once again  Love you Sir.

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