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Sir, Manisha here. Whether u take 3 hours class Or 5 hours class, the amount of interest and involvement we have remains same throughout the class due to your logical reasoning and motivational words and jokes. It makes me think the concept with broad mind and I realize how much I should level up to actually come up with such a logic and connection of dots. So aap jaisa padatehe waisa padayiye sir. Just aap jitna knowledge de saktehe dijiye.. Because what we learned from you remains with us at every step and some of us haven’t had good basics in the subject and we actually feel confident when we can give better explanation than our friends, an actual explanation and reasoning like a CA and not as a CA aspirant. I practically l try to apply your method of leaning that is with logic and derivations and connection of one concept to other in every subject and it has developed my understanding really well. Thank you so much for all the efforts you put in for sir. Will always like to be your student.

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