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Face to Face Classes: 9652229994 Pen Drive Classes: 8766246684 Virtual Classes: 6300580059

Your way of teaching is something different that we will be in a thought that you are teaching slow but we’ll get to know your fast once we missed your class and seeing the notes the next day. Really loved the class very much sir. Thankuuuuu so much sir. The real life stories you teaches in class are inspired. Sir, we will go through many teachers in life sir. But only few we can remember lifelong. You’re one among them and one you got the position with 70 days time while with everyone I spent not less than 2 years. Once again Thank you sir. Sir, I may not score 90+ in exam, But I’m sure I’ll give my 200% for getting 90+. Because we have only two options. Either 90+ or 90+.

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