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Face to Face Classes: 9652229994 Pen Drive Classes: 8766246684 Virtual Classes: 6300580059

Hi sir. I am currently watching your recorded class applicable for may 2021 exams. The classes were amazing. The way you explain each and every concept in detailed is really appreciable. Even though those are virtual classes. You explain each and every concept without any hesitation. The material INDAS SAARANSH is really helpful for quick revision and colorful book makes us read with much more interest. The examples u provide in volumes are really helpful. And questions are much more concept able than in ICAI SM which makes us strong in a conceptual way. There is some freshness and interest in each and every class which makes us to watch 3-4 classes a day without any tiredness. I’m really thankful to u. I’m really proud to say that I’m a student of CJ sir. Thank u so much sir. We really mean it. And you deserve it for your continuous hard work.

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