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Good evening sir, I m Ashwin pathak Today I completed all lectures. I got goose bumps when I started last lecture. I felt connected with you from day 1 and it was an emotional moment for me. Some teachers are blessed with teaching skills, and they know how to approach the listeners and some teachers have exceptional academic knowledge. But only few guru’s like you can blend both and deliver.From lecture 1, I admired your knowledge, but the way you explained all those concepts were exceptional. The combination of Ind AS SAARANSH book and question bank(where you covered ICAI study material question, MTP, RTP, past exam questions, few questions from international books and even more) provides a perfect balance between learning concepts and practice questions on those concepts. It’s tough to record and deliver online lectures, but you handled all those technologies very well. You were at ease. You made a positive impact on me. Confidence level has increased. Surely gonna miss those little pep talks of you. May all your wishes come true and continue providing your valuable services. Namaste

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